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Hong Kong Secret Insults Against China

It is no secret that Hong Kong still has a very British attitude. The one thing that ties all Hong Kong people together is their opinion that they are a society that is superior to every other Asian people. Hong Kong is just a tiny part of the giant Chinese landscape and yet they feel as if they are better than every other Chinese ethnic group.

One of the great examples of this is the cannon at the 1881 Heritage. The original site of 1881 Heritage was the headquarters of the Hong Kong Marine Police from the 1880s to 1996. This cannon has a 180 degree view of Victoria Harbor. So out of the 180 degree axis, where did the Hong Kong people decide to aim the cannon? Directly at the Bank of China building.

Hong Kong points its historic cannon at the Bank of China building.

The cannon is pointed dead center of the Bank of China building and although I am not an expert at firing cannons, I do believe the trajectory settings are relatively correct too.

Once you look down this barrel, you will be as sure as I am that this was no mistake. It is the Hong Kong people acting completely British and having their silent little secret insult to the China government and their Chinese society. Instead of embracing their country, they are still under the illusion that life was better when the British ruled them by force and treated them like lesser human beings. It is the classic “victim becomes criminal” story as those who suffered racism under the British, now practice racism against their own country.

This is the same attitude that keeps Hong Kong from joining with Shenzhen in any economic partnerships, and the same attitude that will eventually lead to Shenzhen replacing Hong Kong as the Jewel of Southern China.

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