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American’s Divided, Corporations United

The 2012 Elections in America are the first elections to be held in which the Corporations of America have their own party. The GOP, with Mitt Romney’s statement of “Corporations Are People”, has publicly announced that their constituency is made up of corporations rather than humans.

It has long been understood that the Republican party is the party of business. One of the longstanding jokes in America is “When you become rich, you become Republican”. The GOP is now dedicated to unrestricted, unregulated capitalism.

Unfortunately for those of us who know the Constitution, and understand the dangers of a Corporatocracy, we see the damage that the GOP is causing to our society.

Corporations are masters of marketing. The GOP has been marketing the concept of “America being a capitalist country” for decades now. The damage has been done. The American society no longer understands the difference between “Democracy” and “Capitalism”.

Over our short history, America has shown the attributes of a Communist country, a Socialist country, a Nationalistic Country, and yes, now a Capitalistic Country.


Pre-revolution our founding fathers had banks give out zero interest loans for the development of our country. That is not capitalistic.

During World Wars we would ration goods for the good of our society. That is not capitalistic.

We established Social Security for our elderly and gave money to those who never paid in a dime. That is not Capitalistic.

In other words, our country was established and grew on the foundation that it operated for the good of the society. Not for the good of corporations.

Now that the GOP has established its foundation of Businesses before Humans, the next election will become a benchmark. Is marketing effective enough to sway a country of free people to enslave themselves to corporations?

This is the new experiment. The old American experiment of developing a “more perfect union” is long dead. Now the experiment is “willful relinquishment of freedom”. We will see what we will see.

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