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Egyptian Elections: Proof that the Arab Spring is a Myth

Hard line criminals from the past regime VS hard line Islamists with allegiance to a fairy tale.

This is the worst case scenario for the future of Egypt. All of their efforts to create a government for the people is now coming to a disastrous end. None of their options represent a government for the people. They can vote for a church state or a dictatorial state. Both options create a new leadership that remains on track with rape of the economy. In terms of American politics, the Egyptian election would be like a race between George W. Bush and Rick Santorum. One cares only about himself and his group of thieves, and the other violently supports forced worship of his god.

How can this be called a “spring”. This is just the movement from one winter to another winter.

The New York Times Reported that Omar Suleiman is entering the race for President of Egypt.
He is the former intelligence director for Mubarak. That is a 100% guarantee that he is personally responsible for torture, rape, and murder. It would be like electing our CIA director as president of the United States. We did do this in 1989 when we elected George W. Bush’s father George H. W. Bush. See the disaster that it made out of our country???

There there is the Muslim Brotherhood. They are trying their best to market the idea that they are not religious extremists. They got people to believe them when they said that they were looking for unity and not to create a church state. As with every church, mosque, temple, or religious group on this planet…..anything but total domination of society is not acceptable. BBC reported that they did a “u-turn” and put up a candidate Khairat al-Shater. That is just a nice way for saying “THEY LIED”. So just like every other religious group, they “justified” their lie by claiming holy intervention and leadership. what a load of crap. We will be human only once we give up on the belief and loyalty to fairy tales that are used to make us slaves.

So after many died, and many suffer still, nothing has changed….nothing will change. Egypt will continue to be a society of uneducated superstitious people with corrupt leadership.

The same goes for every other Arab country. The Arab spring is a myth…..just like Islam is a myth…..just like the idea of giving one individual ultimate power and expecting them to rule justly is a myth.

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