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Henry Wallich and the GOP : At war against humanity

A new study released by MIT states: ” the world could suffer from “global economic collapse” and “precipitous population decline” if people continue to consume the world’s resources at the current pace.”

The most powerful unified statement of this research is that “Most scenarios resulted in an ongoing growth of population and of the economy until to a turning point around 2030.

So even go so far as to state that this study is an accurate predictor of the next great depression.

The study seems self evident. It doesn’t take a trained eye to notice the dwindling supplies, the changes in human habits due to a dirtier environment, and the uncontrolled growth of our species.

With only moderate reading and research you will discover that…

Our oil consumption is outpacing our production.

Lack of drinkable water has pushed us to stop drinking or trusting public fresh water sources….we only drink bottled water now.

China’s economic growth is so fast and consumption by its citizens is growing so rapidly that all the models are being shortened by decades from their original estimates.

India’s unregulated population growth due to religious beliefs has created such an unsolvable population problem that even their own government admits is a disaster waiting to happen.

With the exception of China, who has been the only country to address the population issue, the rest of the world only has two options for population control. 1) war 2) disease

We have officially topped 7 billion people. Most are living on consumption levels below any poverty scale in industrial countries. Even at the current population, we must either sustain extreme poverty or face disaster for those of us lucky enough to live in relative wealth.

Many of the findings of MIT’s research document reflect back to the accuracy of the 1972 book “Limits of Growth”

You would think that this would be the one topic that would be above reproach…..but you would be wrong. You can always trust the crazy American industrial complex to put their poster boy up in opposition of every scientific fact. Evolution, Ozone depletion, DDT poisoning, human equality, global warming….and now the impossible imbalance of resources and consumption on our planet.

Who is the poster boy for the American Greed Factory better known as the GOP???? The Late Mr. Henry Wallich. Who luckily died before his statements could make a mockery of him.

Why does he fit the profile of the poster boy of the GOP? Just take a look at his history.

He is a Yale “let them eat cake” graduate
He is a former member of the Federal Reserve Board “We own every US Dollar”
His statement concerning the “Limits of Growth” was “attempting to regulate economic growth would be equal to “consigning billions to permanent poverty.”

China is very happy they didn’t listen to Henry Wallich. They limited population growth and look at the boom in their society. I bet India wishes they would have listened, but instead, they followed Wallich’s words and let the population grow unregulated….now they have a mass of poverty unprecedented in world history.

So thank you Mr. Wallich for making our world suck just a little bit more. In your world of “zero responsibility” and “zero accountability”, our ability to avoid the upcoming disaster is dwindling quickly because your decendents are still professing that the world can handle unlimited population and consumption.

Itia (abroad)

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