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Global Warming: The worst name ever picked.

A name is EVERYTHING in our society. When Wally Broecker titled his scientific paper “Climate Change: Are we on the Brink of a Pronounced Global warming”, he had no idea hat everyone would completely ignore the words CLIMATE CHANGE, and focus exclusively on the words “Global Warming”.

Back in 1975, scientists had a more positive view of the media, the right-wing conservatives, and our government. After all, it had only been 6 years since we landed on the moon! Why wouldn’t a scientist think that we were headed for an enlightened time in our existence?

Now almost 40 years later, our government is still discussing the rights our country gave to women in the 1970’s and we have shut down our manned space program. None of the scientists in the 1970’s would have believed that we would have de-evolved towards the dark ages since then. Nor would any of them believe that we were shallow enough to think that Mr. Broecker’s paper was focused on warmer temperatures one any one day in Chicago or New York.

Just in case you still don’t get it…the document by Mr. Broecker, and the words of all intelligent scientists are that we are headed for more violent weather, more polluted resources, and a lower standard of living. For those of you who still think this argument is about whether or not Chicago will have more 100 degree days each year, WAKE UP.

I bet if Mr. Broecker could rewrite the name of his paper, he would keep “global warming” out of the title and just focus on the more violent and dangerous weather that is happening due to our lack of response to the knowledge that we are destroying our environment. But then again, I would guess that if he had such a powerful wish, he would probably be wise enough to use to wish for a responsible government. That wish would take care of both problems.

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