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Saving Democracy : 2012 Presidential Elections

For the past 20 years we have seen marketing derail democracy. It is a scientific fact that marketing, through primal emotions like fear, renders the voter incapable of making a sound decision based on facts.

We saw this with the Bush defeat of Kerry, and we saw this with the Obama defeat of McCain. The party with the most funding wins the race.

What we have witnessed in the most recent GOP nomination process is that anyone can be made a villain in the public perception if the Party decides to end their candidacy. We witnessed the powers within the GOP use sexual and racial innuendo to end several campaigns and the term “unelectable” to render the campaign of another person impotent. The results are unmistakable. The Party elected who it wanted to elect, even though the vast majority of Republican voters want nothing to do with Mitt Romney.

Moving forward to this years Presidential Elections, we are seeing a replay of the 2008 elections.

1) GOP rules the radio and television airwaves.
2) Democrats rule the Internet
3) Democrats are outpacing the GOP in fund raising
4) Democrats pay less per eyeball for their advertising

So what does this mean in the big picture? Simple. Barack Obama wins the Presidential election. He doesn’t win because of Democracy in action. He wins because the Democratic Party wins the math of fund raising and marketing.

The only hope this country has for a process of true Democracy is to render the marketing efforts useless. To achieve this, as weird as it may sound, I defer to David Letterman’s TOP 10 LIST.

Let the media decide the top ten issues we as American’s face. In our current society, these issues would be : (NOTE: not in the order of importance, but grouped together as the most important issues of our time). This is their STATEMENT OF WORK with answers given in quantitative numbers.

1) Deficit : Example answer (lower by 1 trillion during first 4 years)

2) Foreign wars : Example answer (end all foreign wars during first 4 years)

3) Jobs : Example answer (lower unemployment to 8% by end of first 4 years)

4) immigration : Example answer ( Build the fence)

5) Banking : Example answer (pass law to limit legal interest rate to 8%)

6) Health Care : Example answer ( I will repeal Obamacare)

7) Freedom of Religion : Example answer (If any church publishes any opinion on politics, then it is considered a Political Action Committee and not a church…it is then subject to taxation)

8) Military Spending : Example answer (I will divert 50% of current military spending to domestic infrastructure programs)

9) Congressional incompetence : Example answer (I will sequester congress until they come up with laws as bi-partisan solutions to put on my desk)

10) War on Drugs : Example answer (I will cut the budget on the war on drugs by 50% )

Note: abortion, equal pay, women’s rights, freedom of speech, and other similar issues were not included because they are already law. The second half of this democratic process is the statement of change to be done in addition to the top 10.

Statement of Change: The second half of the democratic process. This should be a one page document that states the laws a candidate will seek to overturn if they are running on that type of platform.

Example: I will seek to make abortions illegal in this country. OR I will seek to make it law that a woman’s body is her own and that she has equal rights as men do to their bodies.

Only with these simple statements can the American public once again decide rationally on a candidate for President of the United States. Until such time, we are all just slaves of marketing. No one is above it. Marketing is scientifically more powerful than truth.

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