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Ann Romney : New Definition for Stay At Home Mom

Ann Romney is to Stay At Home Moms (SAHM) what “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” is to marriage.

This whole debate exposes the insanity of the religious right in our country. Rather than REAL SAHM’s in America standing up and demanding that Ann Romney not be associated with their difficult jobs, they adopt her as a poster child. There is no intelligence or logical thought in these people. You see it is the ultra conservative religious populations worldwide. Muslim mothers love the leaders that promote female slavery. American Christian mothers rally around a rich woman who has shown that she has a disdain for the poor and needy.

Ann Romney and her husband Mitt are the definition of self righteous self-serving rich people in our country. Should Mitt become President, Ann Romney would be the Marie-Antoinette “Let them eat cake” first lady of our country.

Ann Romney Personality

Ann Romney - Let Them Eat Cake

If we accept the idea that a woman who employs personal assistants, accountants, nurses, private physicians, drivers, and a nanny (or two) is the definition of a “Stay at home mom”, then we are slapping the real moms in the face.

Real moms balance a budget. Real moms answer every cry for help. Real moms wipe away every tear. Real moms cook. Real moms clean. Real moms act as nurse and doctor because the Romney’s of the world have made sure we cannot afford healthcare. Real dads do all of this too.

The truth is that the Romneys are wealthy and have others do their difficult work for them. Its a free country. I am happy that they have the privilege. But shut your mouth when it comes to calling yourself a Stay At Home Mom. You are nothing like a SAHM. You are little mormon princess who gets everything she wants.

More power to the real SAHM’s. More power to the real people. Lets stop giving any attention to these rich, know nothing, do nothing people who are running our country.

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