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Understand Mitt Romney in one sentence

You will be confused about both candidates. Marketing from both parties will be scientifically designed to force you into an anger response so that you are locked into their candidate.

The days of mud slinging are over. Now is age of a laser targeted advertising campaign aimed directly at your heart and mind. Now is the time that we as voters need to focus the roots of what is important to us and vote accordingly.

Here is the sentence: Mitt Romney will expand the military beyond any request by any military expert or any lobbyist.

So here is the question. Do you vote for war or peace? Bigger military or smaller military?

Mitt Romney has a budget plan for his Presidency.

In this one document, Romney released his friend and foe list.

Friend: Military: Romney will increase military spending over current levels. He will increase the military budget beyond any request made so far by any military person or lobbyist. In other words the Romney budget is a bomb maker’s dream.


Medicare Medicaid : Romney will change this to state grants that will end all government promises to caring for our elderly and poor. No more federal government responsibility for these segments of our population.

National Parks: Romney will close many of them in his budget.

NASA : Continued cuts.

This budget is a roadmap for the future of our country, should Romney get elected. Republicans will deny the backsliding of our county just as surely as they deny changes in our weather and environment. The truth is that under Republican leadership our country will become unlivable as a society quicker than it will be come unlivable as an environment.

This is not to say that the Democrats have a great plan or leadership in place. Obama has failed on most of his campaign promises. He has failed to end the foreign wars. He has failed to close Guantanamo Bay. He failed to stop torture in our military. he failed the basic campaign promise of radical changes to our government in a return to democracy.

In the end we are still in a period of capitalism over democracy. Democracy built our great society….capitalism sold it off piece by piece. The Romney budget shows the evidence every voter needs to understand the result of a Romney Presidency. MORE BOMBS. MORE GUNS. MORE AMMUNITION.

Have you ever heard of America having a problem with disposal of old ammunition? NO. Every bullet we make……we shoot. Every bomb we build……we drop. A vote for Romney is a vote for more war, more death. A vote for Obama is a vote for more of NOTHING. Not a fun time to vote is it?

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