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REPORT: Secret Service Men Have Partied With Strippers For Decades

Welcome to right wing politics. When religion mixes with politics you get never ending witch hunts.

Every news station is now reporting that the Secret Service was partying before Obama arrived El Salvador

The incredible thing about these reports is the news seems to think this is a recent and one time occurrence. What could these reporters possibly be thinking. The secret service is renowned for their “off hours” partying habits. If you have ever watched the television series “Mad Men”, much of the history of material from these shows comes from the historical activities of those who protect our political leaders. These people are privy to information that the rest of us have to view under the veil of conspiracy.

The Secret Service has seen Marilyn Monroe sleep with Kennedy. The Secret Service has seen J. Edgar Hoover dance in women’s clothing and have gay lovers. The Secret Service watched Monica Lewinsky.

There is an old adage about truth and lies. Once it is determined that there is a lie, it should be assumed that the lie is the tip of the iceberg. In the case of our government, this is an ultra conservative statement. In fact, needle in a haystack is even a vast understatement of the ratio of lies that have been discovered and lies that still are untold.

The Secret Service has heard the words uttered by our leaders that sent tens of thousands of innocent people to their deaths. They have overheard insane deals with other world leaders that hurt the American public. They have seen countless people silenced that tried to bring horrible secrets to the public’s attention. THAT IS WHY THEY HAVE PRIVILEGES. Knowledge is power. The fact that the members of the Secret Service have this knowledge gives them alot of power.

Yes, the Secret Service partied with strippers, and paid for prostitutes while off duty. They have done it since the Secret Service was established in 1865. The fact that people are getting fired for it today is shameful. It is exactly the “pick out a few and make an example” type of law and government that we can expect from a religious and right wing government.

We will only evolve past our current state of insanity once we finally come to the conclusion that hedonistic desires are pursued by EVERYONE. Religious and non-religious people alike seek pleasure of all sorts. Sex itself is considered dirty by the right wing establishment because they cannot contain their own desires. No one can. Sex is bad when “non consensual” The same is true for drugs, fighting, and even eating. Everything we do in our everyday lives , other people do in excess to the point of death. Our jobs as humans is to help protect those who are preyed apon by addicts, and to help addicts when they ask for it.

So you can watch the news and reaction by the right wing with one of two sets of opinions.

1) You like witch hunts and like to see peoples lives destroyed.
2) You hate self righteous people who will punish or imprison people for doing the same thing they do in their own lives.

As for me, consider me angry at the right. As you pay for your prostitutes tonight in DC, or sleep with one of your trusting volunteers, know that there are those of us out here who see behind your Jesus mask and know that you will go down in history as the “Neanderthals” of our time.

Itia (Abroad)

  1. just1marine
    May 8, 2012 at 10:55 am

    You have a truly exceptional grasp of reality. So much of what you write is spot on truth … then your left leaning ideology kicks in and it’s like your brain actually leaves your skull.
    It’s too bad really, most true Conservatives I know don’t really care one way or the other who is marrying who. I personally believe that if you have the freedom to choose and don’t interfere with someone else’s freedom to choose, knock yourself out.

    I even think that if two friends simply grow old together, I mean we all know or have seen a couple of elderly folks, Men or Women, that are the only thing they truly have in the world, I think they should have the right to enter into some sort of partnership, they may not want to call it a marriage but again who cares. But I do know that in todays world they could be living together for 40 years and one dies, their family comes in to claim the spoils and the inheritance and the surviving friend gets nothing but one day closer to death.

    I believe we have lost more freedom and liberties in the last hundred years, than we truly even have today. Most people don’t have any idea today, the freedoms our Elected Leaders have traded off in “Our Best Interests” to prolong their personal and financial situations.
    I dont blame the Left or the Right for the situations we find ourselves in today, I blame myself and every other American that sits idly by and allows these disgrases to continue in our Country.

    The MSM and the “Progressive Left”, and the “Republicans on the Right” only look out for themselves, and when the true American Conservatives rise up and decide to Take This Country Back, the Left and Right will only have themselves to blame for how far they fall from grace.

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