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Oil Wars : The next Military Decision for the US

If you think, for one moment, that Iraq and Afghanistan (or Islam and Al Qaeda) are the only things on the minds of the corporate leaders in America, then think again!

America has put so much into dominating the Middle East, that it has made a serious miscalculation on the real future game……oil in the Gulf of Mexico and the China Sea.

Just as our government is trying to wrap up one of the biggest conspiracies in our nations history, another set of trouble spots is on the horizon. Just as our government has decided to pollute our national groundwater with Fracking, we are finding out that we are caught in a catch 22 in some of the largest remaining oil deposits on the planet.

Our government’s first bad move was to use the offshore oil deposits (just off our national coastline), as a bank for future oil.

While environmentalists think this is a victory for common sense, it is actually a plan for locking in future profits for big oil (thanks Mr. Bush). Just understand that the rights to all these locations have been sold, but they are restricted areas. So in essence it is a bank of oil for only the richest. They can drill later when the price is higher and the supplies are running out globally.

The problem with this first big mistake is that Cuba has decided to become an OIL STATE. As Reported by the Crude Oil Trader website. Cuban Drilling off Keys to Begin by Year End

When we set up international borders for the embargo of Cuba, we assigned a large spot in the Gulf of Mexico to them. They are now going to remove the oil from as much of the Gulf Of Mexico as possible. HUGE MISTAKE. They have no limitations to horizontal drilling and no restrictions on how many platforms the place. In fact the first China made and China financed oil platform in moving into place now.

A Chinese-built drilling rig to be used in the first major exploration for oil in Cuba’s offshore waters arrived on Thursday off the coast of the communist-ruled island’s capital.

So why don’t we just stop them from drilling? Here comes the Catch 22. China is claiming the Scarborough Shoal as their own for oil drilling in the China Sea. America is showing some naval muscle in the area to support the Philippine claim of the oil rich location. Unlike Cuba, which can use American documents to show its right to the oil rich Gulf of Mexico, the Philippines have no such document. In fact, the documents that show historical grant of the Philippines do NOT mention the shoal. The historical maps of China DO mention the shoal.

So while America fights Islamic extremists and tries to steal Middle East Oil, two oil rich locations that should have long been American supported drilling locations are now lost forever.

America will not have any stand in the U.N. or with any other country to dispute the rights of Cuba to the Gulf, and will lose in any International Court trying to cite that the Scarborough Shoal is part of Philippines. The main reason why the Philippines is the rule of Territorial Waters The fact that the shoal is 130 miles from the nearest Philippine land mass PLUS the fact that the Manila Trench separates the shoal from the Philippines is all the proof that China needs to claim the shoal as its own, just as America claims most of the middle of the Gulf of Mexico as its own for drilling rights.

Now add the latest news about the joint venture with Venezuela : Works begins on joint Chinese-Venezuelan oil refinery in southern China

And with Sudan : South Sudan ‘agrees $8bn deal with China’

The conclusion and the outcome are simple. China has won the battle for global oil with good will and investment policy. America has lost the battle for global oil with its Bush based war and bombs policy.

So now our leaders are embarrassed again. Now they are sitting with their military power and some very big decisions. The good news is that we have Obama as President and not Bush, so instead of trying to play a losing hand and sending in a huge American fleet to defend what does not really belong to the Philippines, we will most likely just let it play out without military intervention. But the risk does still exist. Let us hope that the next military decision for the US is to simply not involve the military.

Look forward to seeing many more refineries built in China over the next decade. Look also for China to become the dominant global controlling country for planetary oil.

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