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Mitt Romney Hides True Colors with “Day of Shame” Comment.

When Mitt Romney takes up the cause of any minority, everyone should raise an eyebrow. This GOP candidate is the definition of “cracker”. For Romney to criticize Obama for his handling of the Chen Guangcheng case is like the KKK complaining about how someone lynched an African American. Mitt Romney is just NOT the right person to raise concern on this issue.

His statement of “day of shame” about the Obama Administration is prominently displayed on all the home pages of major news organizations.

Fox New York Romney slams Obama administration for handling of Chinese dissident

CBS News : Handling of Chen Guangcheng case generates political heat

ABC News : Romney: Chinese dissident Chen’s departure from American embassy was ‘a dark day for freedom’

Mitt Romney is the leader of the American Corporatocracy. He believes in corporations , not people. The most troubling thing about his statement is that he commented on hearsay. Even in his own words he said “If the reports are true…”. One of the only qualities about ruthless CEO’s is that they stay quiet until roomers are found to be factual. Mitt, on the other hand, blabs like a gossip because he has nothing to lose. When Chen Guangcheng and his family are living in New York and he gets a free scholarship from an American University, Mitt knows it won’t be in the news. There is no liability for his slander.

The bottom line is that Mitt doesn’t give a crap about Chen Guangcheng. Mitt plays with lives like Chen Guangcheng’s. He uses them to slam others, while at the same time always hiding his own record of damaging lives to line his own pockets with money. Here are the top reasons why Mitt Doesn’t give a damn about Chen Guangcheng.

1) Not in the millionaire club
2) Never donated to a Mitt Romney Campaign
3) Doesn’t believe in Joseph Smith’s god.
4) Skin is not white
5) Not a Republican
6) Doesn’t own a corporation
7) Doesn’t agree with American Oil Wars
8) Doesn’t agree with American Colonialism
9) Not a member of the NRA
10) Doesn’t belong to Mitt’s Stake House.

Think carefully about your choice for President. Mitt Romney is a good choice for the director of TMZ or some other gossip magazine. You would never hear the type of accusations he says from any reputable President. Obama would never put words like “day of shame” out on hearsay. But then again, maybe that is why Obama is so hated by the GOP.

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