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Sky Terror : US Wages Global War 2012

There is a new war being waged by America. It is more like science fiction than anything that the world has seen before. America rules the skies of the earth with the exception of a few countries in Europe, Russia and China. All other airspace is owned and operated by American government departments. (I didn’t say military because much of this war is being fought by the CIA).

So what is the name for this type of war? It is a global war. Never before, in the history of our country, have we had aggressive forces in so many different countries. Never before have we engaged so many different “enemies”. Never before have we invested so much money in foreign wars.

It is truly a new type of warfare. It cannot be called a “world war”, even though it includes countries from every continent, because it is not being fought by any of the other major industrialized countries in the world. This is a war between America and almost all of the weak countries in the world (especially those with natural resources).

In today’s news, Al Qaida man killed by US drone, the CIA launched missiles at a man getting out of a car in a foreign country. There are three very important parts of this story reported by the BBC.

1) This is an assassination without any due process. The US government has given up on any legal process. They perceive it to be too expensive and there is too much of a chance for failure (The bad guy gets away). The new policy is to kill.

2) There was another person killed in this attack. He is identified only as “another al-Qaida operative”. This is CIA speak for “we killed another person, but we will just call him an operative so that no one suspects we killed an innocent man”. This nameless person will never be named. Most likely it is just a person who was “hanging out” with Fahd al-Quso, and was murdered “high tech gang style”.

3) This is a CIA killing operation. We saw this and were horrified back in the days of Vietnam. After the war we put an end to the CIA covert killing operations. Now we have backslid to the point of CIA open killings globally.

It doesn’t matter how angry you are about terrorist attacks against the USA. It doesn’t matter if you are Republican or Democrat. It only matters that you fully understand the current American World War. We are using secret agencies (CIA) to kill people around the world by the thousands, in a self righteous war against everyone who is different from us and everyone who does not give their countries National Resources to American Corporations.

Got it? You understand that this is not about 911? You understand that we are not the same country of freedom and democracy that our parents grew up in?

Itia (Abroad)

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