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Intermediate Range : Legalizing Murder

The Trayvon Martin case is turning out to be a landmark case in the legalization of violent force used against US citizens.

In what can viewed as an act of complete insanity, the court is now going to consider the legality of using a lethal weapon against an unarmed individual if you feel threatened. The state level laws supporting the murder of an individual under threatening circumstances are called “stand your ground laws“. They were built on empathy for victims of violent crimes, but the insane solution of the state level lawmakers is to legalize murder in an effort to curb violent crimes.

In the case of George Zimmerman, the Florida police released Mr. Zimmerman just hours after he murdered Trayvon Martin because of this law. The only reason why he was charged and brought back to court is because the prosecutor claims that he initiated a scuffle and shot Martin at close range (Thereby nulifying the Stand Your Ground defense). Now that the autopsy has concluded that Martin was shot at Intermediate Range, the defense lawyer for Zimmerman is seeking the drop of all charges against Zimmerman.

The problem with this landmark case of insanity is that it is supported by many people in our country. Indeed, the NRA has now officially begun to back the Stand Your Ground laws.

Republican leadership also supports these laws that legalize murder. Who can we thank for signing this insane law into existence? Once again, we can thank the Bush family for furthering the insanity of the American society. Former GOP Gov. Jeb Bush, who signed the bill into law. In case you have been living in a cave, this is the legacy of the Bush family.

George Bush Sr. destroyed all international relations between America and every other country on the planet. This former CIA director made sure to put America on the path for isolation as an arrogant and idiotic society.

George W. Bush used the 911 attacks to remove most of the individual American citizen’s freedoms and to being multiple international wars that would bankrupt our country.

Now Jeb Bush is directly responsible for creating an atmosphere in our country that legalizes murder in any case of “self defense”. Let all bad cops, criminals, and violence lovers celebrate! Now they can pull that trigger with the assurance that there is no penalty.

The best way to describe the “Stand Your Ground” logic of Jeb Bush is to show you the South Park equivalent. The famous “It is headed right for us” video.


I am truly thankful for the visual satire of the American society as portrayed by South Park. The horror is how acurate it is in describing the USA.

Itia (Abroad)

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