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Lesson for US Congress : How to be a Lawmaker

This is a 5 minute class for all the lawmakers in the US. For some reason they have forgotten the secrets for the darkest of all arts “Politics”.

It doesn’t matter if you are Republican, Democrat, Socialist Party, Green Party, or even Communist Party. There are things you must to do have a successful government. Everyone knows you will steal money while in office. Everyone knows that you will set up your family and friends to be wealthy from government contracts. This has nothing to do with your success or failure as a politician. There are secrets that our forefathers possessed in running our country successfully. It is time that you learned these secrets once again.

Here are the secrets for a successful government of lawmakers. You do not need to be brilliant or even clever to follow these guidelines to success. All you need to know is that if you do not follow each and every one of these secret guidelines, you will fail.

1) Your opposition Party: You need to know how to handle the politicians who will seek to dispose of you. It does not matter if you are a sheriff of a small town or the President of the United States, there is someone who wants your job. In bodies of law makers, there is always a mix of parties. Here is how you handle them. When answering questions or making comments about the opposition always use the 8-2 rule. Say 8 things bad about your opposition , and say 2 things that mildly agree with them. NEVER overly praise them, but rather point out something that is NOT bad about what they say or what they did. (Really professional politicians can mix a good and bad in a single statement : “He is wrong about his opinion on chickens, but I do agree with him about the feathers”.

In this 2012 elections for the President of the United States, Mitt Romney says 10 out of 10 things negative about Barack Obama. Barack Obama says 8 negative things and 2 positive things. Mitt is seen as a stuck up asshole. Barack is seen as an intelligent and caring man.

2) War. War is always a loser. Politicians love wars because it generates so many opportunities for their friends to make money. Unfortunately, because all of the money invested in wars goes offshore, there is no real return or benefit for the society. All wars are losers for politicians. NEVER vote for or agree with a war. ALWAYS speak out on and promote the individual leading the enemy country as the person who needs to be killed or brought to justice.

3) The Hot Topics : Abortion and Gay Marriage Politicians are most likely to let their personal feelings, or the feelings of their supporters influence their words and actions on these topics. If you want to be a successful politician, then you need to have the following stance on these subjects. Abortion and Gay Marriage…..Always state “I do not interfere with personal, individual decisions. It is not a place for government. I will never vote for a law that takes away a personal freedom.”

4) Societal Improvement: This is the secret that very few politicians in America follow in 2012. As previously stated, it is already known that politicians are thieves. It is already known that you suck the blood of our society. The mistake that current politicians make is that they take too much blood. Nothing is left to live on, nothing is left to believe in. It is time that American politicians look towards China’s model to see the benefits of internal improvements to the society.

The governments of China and America are very similar. America says it is ” a government of the people”. China says it is “the people’s government”. Both are illusions. Both are run by a few powerful families. Both have voting, but the votes are meaningless. The main difference between China and America in 2012, is that China’s society is living a dream. America’s society is living a nightmare. The difference? Chinese people see construction all around them. New highways. New public parks. New public buildings. Improved transportation. Improved standard of living. American people are seeing parks close, public facilities close, roads fall apart, public transportation close service lines, and lower standards of living.

Why? Simple. China is spending its disposable cash on infrastructure. America is spending its disposable cash on international wars.

No American politician will be respected until they understand these secrets and start to use them. Until then, our lawmakers will endure an eternity of bad will, and our country will always be in a backslide towards third world status.

Congressional Approval Polls
Poll Approve
RCP Average 14.6%
Associated Press/GfK 18%
Politico/GWU 13%
CBS News/NY Times 13%
Gallup 17%
FOX News 12%

The bottom line, and the most important thing to know about politics and power is that they cannot be measured in dollars or bullets. Power can only be measured by one method “LOVE OF YOUR PEOPLE”. If your people love you than no one can stand against you. The people of the world loved Adolf Hitler. He was Time Magazine’s MAN OF THE YEAR in 1938. In this example, it is easy to see the true power of love by the people. Very few people can be compared to Hitler in the sense of one person’s power. Our lawmakers need to know this example and to begin to use it as a template on how to be a successful politician. Our lawmakers are already acting like Nazi’s. But because they do not follow the secrets above, they do not have the same power.

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