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US Military Deserters : Nearing 5000 per year

Army desertion up 80 percent since Iraq war

When 5000 Americans decide to take extreme action, we should stand up and take notice. Deserting the military is an extreme action by any standards. During times of war, and we ARE at war now, desertion is an act that is punishable by DEATH. So why would so many decide to take that risk?

In fact according to the Pentagon, more than 5,500 military personnel deserted in 2003–2004, following the Iraq invasion and occupation.[59] The number had reached about 8,000 by the first quarter of 2006.[60] Another report stated that since 2000, about 40,000 troops from all branches of the military have deserted, also according to the Pentagon

So 40,000 Americans have left their posts in the military. What do we say about them? Cowards? Criminals? I suggest a different title…..cheated. In fact one of the definitions of desertion is , intent is determined to be to avoid hazardous duty or shirk contractual obligations. So in fact, American deserters are people who feel like their contract with the military was misleading, if not fraudulent.


Let me spell it out for you. Americans sign up for the military to defend our nation. When they find out that they are just serving large corporations and assisting them in increasing their profitability, they see it as a fraudulent contract. If you have a patriotic child and want them to lose that patriotic feeling, then let them join the military and go to Iraq or Afghanistan. They will quickly find out that they are the consumers of the overpriced goods of multinational corporations, and using those consumable goods (Bullets, bombs, etc) to gain exclusive access to foreign natural resources for the profit of those same corporations.

The easiest way of understanding this is to look at why George W. Bush, a lifetime oil businessman who became president, to attack and control Iraq. Why do you think there is no accountability of the oil from Iraq? Why do you think that none of those billions of barrels of oil have been used to pay of our national debt?

Simple. The war was not fought for America. It was not fought for Americans. I was fought by Americans for the sole purpose of making George W. Bush’s friends more wealthy. Americans dying for corporations. How scary is that? No wonder over 40,000 American Soldiers have fled the military since 2000. They know the truth….why don’t you?

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