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Churches : First one to the center WINS!

Throughout history the churches can be summed up on one statement, “Quest for power and riches”. It doesn’t matter if you are talking about Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hindu, or Buddhism.

Your religion may have started with a good intention, but once popularity came to your religion, it soon became a place for accumulating wealth and power.

The Bible mentions the character Jesus purging the temple of it’s Rabbi supported vendors who sold sacrificial animals for a profit. In the Bible’s own words these people are referred to as thieves and robbers.

All of the religions, churches, temples and mosques are now the ATM’s for the powerful people who run these tax free money machines. None are exempt from the perversion. None are even remotely connected to their roots.

Buddhist monks caught gambling, smoking and drinking at party

The endless stories of Catholic priests raping boys.

The Jewish link to Usury and profiteering as the basis for their modern religion is well documented.

The Hindu cults and leaders are a constant source of horror stories in Idia.

In short, one of the best condensed statements about religion of all types is : When the Missionaries arrived, the Africans had the Land and the Missionaries had the Bible. They taught us how to pray with our eyes closed. When we opened them, they had the land and we had the Bible.

Now the time is coming when the religious consumer starts to revolt. The Catholic Church has already felt the financial pinch, but because they have centuries of money hoarding, Vatican city is safe for decades to come. The movement in the 1970’s towards non-denominational churches hurt the established Baptist and Lutheran money laundering operations. Now is 2012….the industry of religion has a new critical decision to be made.

The decision on homosexuality.

Science is moving quickly to provide evidence that homosexuality has biological and genetic roots. Churches and religions are finding that their caught in a multi-dynamic dilemma. On one hand, their ancient texts are being put to the test of legitimacy because if homosexuality occurs naturally, then any deity who stands against it is hypocritical at best. Another dynamic is if they side with homosexuality then they will lose a significant portion of the current cash flows from homophobic church people of our time. Still another dynamic is that the young generation, mostly non-homophobic, is starting to decide who to give their “faith dollars” to for the rest of their lives.

In short, the financial decision for every church is : Do I take the money from the homophobic parents, or seduce the non-homophobic children for their future offerings.

Today marked an interesting first for the Mormon Church in America. Mormon group shows its support in Salt Lake City gay parade. Nearly 300 Mormons marched in a gay pride parade on Sunday, holding signs that read “God Loves His Children” in a unique display of support from believers of a religious tradition that has long opposed homosexuality.

Most financial experts agree that the first Church to reach the center will win the bulk of the future billions to be offered in worship of a god and an afterlife. It seems that the Mormon Church is taking the lead in stepping quickly towards the center. It doesn’t matter that their religion is based on a man dictating their holy book while having his head in a hat. It only matters that they are seen as the “caring church”.

If Las Vegas has a line for the number one church in America in 2050, the odds have to be on the Mormons as they seem to be the least offensive to the younger generation. We are still centuries away from dealing with the fact that their probably is no afterlife. The next generation will still give money in the hope that they can buy a good life after this one, no matter how improbable. Look to the church with the least skeletons in their closet to win the revenue of the next generation.

Christianity: The dark ages, The Crusades, The Inquisition. (LOSER)

Judaism : Separatist, Money laundering, Usury Banking, Treatment of Palestine (LOSER)

Hinduism : Ashram Scams, Fake Spiritualist scams, Fake healings. (LOSER)

Mormonism : Crazy thesis, but no huge skeletons to speak of.

Itia (abroad)

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