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US Banking : The wrong place for stimulus

Our US Government has made a deadly error in its decision making processes towards investments in America. Mitt Romney is a prime example of this mistake.

Mitt Romney is a shark capitalist. He does not invest for a 3% return, he invests for a 300% return. This is usury investing and our government has begun using this tactic.

Our foreign wars are based on high return natural resources contracts.

Our stimulus packages are put into banks that leverage that money on 10 to 1 or greater lending practices that are high risk at best.

The idea of building a transportation system, building a space program, building a park system, or building a monument are no longer part of our government. Our lawmakers have forgotten what made us great in the first place. We now have money brokers in Congress who deal for defense contracts.

What happened? When did we get so stupid that we thought the idea of “an information age” was actually possible? When did we think that the dollar was more significant than an improvement in our society?

Stop everything. Start building a better society….wealth will follow. Forget about the Mitt Romney’s of this world. Start focusing on those who still suffer in a world that has the technology and ability to stop all hunger, stop all homelessness, and stop all ignorance.

The answers to the problems in America are not difficult to solve. It is the people in power who are impossible to work with. They have amassed so much wealth in the last few decades, and they will not risk it for our society.

Our heroes are all dead.

Itia (Abroad)

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