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2012 : Newspaper IQ lagging behind public IQ

Newspapers were once the island of intellectual thought in an ocean of ignorance. Now it seems that newspaper articles have sunk below the surface of this ocean of ignorance. Maybe global warming is causing a rise in the level of the ocean of ignorance, as well as our physical oceans on this planet.

Newspapers are now publishing public opinion poll results on obvious questions. That is nothing new….but they are now disagreeing with the obvious answer given.

Today the Los Angeles Times reported : More people see China as the world’s top economy
Their reported results :

1) For the first time, respondents around the world picked China as the world’s leading economy over the U.S. by a margin of 42% to 36%.

2) American respondents believed China was ahead with 41% saying China was the leading power and 40% saying the U.S.

3) Chinese respondents 48% calling the U.S. the primary economic power and only 29% choosing China.

I would think that any viewer would see these as spot on results. Globally, 36% of the population believes that Amnerica has not fallen from grace and into the poor house. In America 40% of the country is in denial of our current bankruptcy. In China, they still live with the believe of the great and powerful America of their childhood. They are the first generation of people who have enjoyed wealth and education in China. They still hold on to their childhood dreams that America is the land of dreams, because Hollywood is still the dominant influence in China.

The problem with this article is that the Los Angeles Times seems to be part of this delusional group, rather than reporting on a foundation of logic. David Pierson wrote this article based on one figure….the GDP calculations of the American Government. It is 2012. It only takes a few hours of research to realize that the American GDP is a propaganda number and not a reality. Let me give you just a few examples….

Apple: Our powerful computer company, ranked #1 in the world, makes ALL of its products in China. (and yet they are a calculation in our GDP)

The most powerful country in the world will of course produce the most CO2. China is No. 1 again, this time in CO2 emissions

The most powerful country in the world will consume the most natural resources (because they have the most money to purchase them).

China is #1 in Fish Catch and Consumption, With Room to Grow

China Surpasses U.S. As World’s Largest Beer Consumer

For 25 more scary facts about this switch in power and wealth that has ALREADY occurred, visit : China #1, United States #2? 25 Facts That Prove The Transition Is Really Happening

So while the LA Times is making crazy statements like “Never mind that the U.S. economy is about twice the size of China’s.”, the rest of the planet understands that the United States GDP figures are fictional and that China is the largest economy by every accurate measure.

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