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Egyptians Throw Freedom Away

It was in their grasp. 846 people gave their lives to change Egypt to a free country. Now with their own hands, they are handing everything gained back to either a former dictatorial figure or to a new religious dictatorial figure. Either way, they are throwing away the freedom they fought so hard to win after just a few months.

Egyptians have voted in the first day of a run-off presidential election pitting an Islamist against Hosni Mubarak’s last premier as the military rulers entered a showdown with the Islamists by disbanding parliament.

How did this happen? How did the election for President come down to a run-off vote between two candidates who will take power and immediately oppress the people’s freedom.

The former Premier of Hosni Mubarak’s government, Ahmed Shafiq, is a result of the well documented trend of victims of repeated violence. Battered women do not speak out against their husbands because they think that they deserve the beatings or that this is how it is supposed to be. The same is true with these pitiful Egyptians. They are victims of 40 years of repeated beatings. It is pure insanity, but not surprising to those of us who understand this type of insanity.

The new Muslim Brotherhood candidate, Mursi, is a result of 1400 years of religious violence and oppression. Muslims are classic cases of victims becoming the criminal. As they are beaten and victimized as children, they become the transgressors as adults. The slavery of women, the butchery of daughters, and the rampant violence against all “non-believers” is the keystone of this oppressive repetitive cycle. It is so bad that the Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mursi has said he is pro-freedom and will prove it by not demanding that women wear the slave based black cloak. That is his idea of freedom. It is like saying you will have windows in your jail cell.

The Egyptian spring. The revolution that was to bring freedom to the area, is now over. There is no hope for freedom. No hope for a new and better life. Now is only the vote where the people of Egypt hand the power over to another dictator….maybe the same regime as before….or maybe a new religious regime.

Either way, they lose.

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