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Republican : Three Delusions of the Republican Party

There is a tsunami of rhetoric and spins on the truth. There is also a bevy of conspiracy theories about the evils of the 1% and the Republican Party Elite. All of this should be largely ignored. For the most part, people are self-serving and self-preservationists. People will take what they can get, whether given or stolen. People will also give to achieve a greater society, when they are forced to do so.

For now we are stuck with two political parties. Republicans who have delusional vision, but prone to action, and Democrats who have clear vision, but are prone to inaction. It is always easier to motivate someone with good vision to action than to correct a delusional vision. Here are the 3 top Republican delusions:

1) POVERTY : The Republicans believe that the condition of poverty is based on one attribute…hunger. They believe that the number one problem facing a poor person is the need for food. Once fed, a poor person should be satisfied. Maybe not happy, but at least satisfied.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The number one problem facing poor people is PAIN. Hunger pains is one of the least painful pains of being poor. The primary pains of poverty are:

A) Growing old: The body breaks down. Teeth, feet, hands, hips, shoulders and internal organs all wear down from a life of manual labor or even office labor. Add to that the abuse their bodies take from having to eat “budget foods” like processed sandwich meats, pink slime, and items from the “dollar menu” at fast food restaurants, and you have a certainty of pain with aging. Without medical care, life becomes very painful.

B) Cold and Heat: The poor live in homes that are not environmentally controlled. They suffer both winter and summer from some of the most intense pains you can image. The endless shivering in winter. The endless sauna of summer. This is so much worse than hunger that the victims are actually not willing to eat while suffering.

C) Emotional Trauma: Not being allowed to achieve. Barred from success because they do not have adequate transportation, no help raising their children, and inadequate communication. The pain of societal induced failure is impossible for the rich to imagine.

2) RELIGION AS A POLITICAL PLATFORM : The Republicans believe that good leadership and religion are tied together. They believe that they can incorporate all “god and Jesus” based religion into their platform. This is pure insanity. Religion is separatist by nature. Once a person gains power of a sect, it always gives birth to a new sect by another person who wants power. Christianity has hundreds of sects. Judaism has dozens of sects. Catholicism has dozens of sects. The idea that the Republican party can stand for the morals and desires of all these sects is the main reason why they are struggling to survive as a political party. It is an impossible task….AND…a tremendously stupid desire to pursue. Religion requires faith, not facts. Religion requires obedience, not discussion. Religion requires loyalty to the religion over loyalty to the political party. All of these attributes of religion scream “DON’T INCLUDE RELIGION IN YOUR POLITICAL PLATFORM”. But that is exactly what the republicans are trying to do. So if you are religious….you can be sure that the Republicans cannot serve the needs of your sect because they are trying to court all the sects. If you are not religious….you can be sure your political party has become irrevocably stuck in the quicksand of religious dogma and are incapable of serving your needs.

3) AXIS OF EVIL : The Republican Party requires an “ultra evil” enemy. This stems from the base of racism in the party and is brought to life in statements that make other societies and peoples look less than human. We as Americans have been made to believe that these dictators are something new. That Iraq, Syria, and North Korea are under governments that are unique to our times. The truth is that with ultimate power….comes ultimate corruption. There is no “axis of evil”. Only men who are drunk on power. Men who believe that they are superior to other humans. The irony is that the same disease that affects these dictator’s minds, also affects the minds of the Republican leadership. That is why Bush approved torture and secret prisons. He was President with unlimited powers……and he became drunk on the power. We are still suffering today from the hangover of President Bush’ “drunk on power” presidency.

Without a knowledge of the reality of poverty, with the mix of political DNA with religious dogma DNA, and with the unquenchable need to have an “arch enemy”, the Republican party is hopelessly delusional, and incapable of moving our society forward. The only thing that can happen in electing a Republican Party nominee is that they achieve greater wealth for their friends and family, and our society continues to suffer.

So when you get to the polls this year, remember the delusion of the Republican Party. Keep them from power until they regain their sobriety and their rationality.

Itia (abroad)

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