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Mitt Romney’s Advantage With Israel

This may sound like a counter intuitive statement, but YES….Mitt Romney will win the Jewish American vote. Obama faces impossible challenges in winning their vote. Yes, the problem is racism.

It sounds crazy because no president in the history of the United States has a more ardent supporter of Israel than Barrack Obama. He has gone out of his way, and against his own supporters in backing Israel. He even got the highest praise from the highest official in Israel. “I think this is a badge of honor and I want to thank you for wearing that badge of honor,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told Obama.

Obama also received high praise from noted US based Jews: “I congratulate President Obama, and I am ready to sign on this speech with both hands,” Lieberman said at a news conference.

But to say that Obama is favored over Romney by the government of Israel, or by Jews worldwide is impossible. Israel has successfully torn the black skin from its own history.

On any search about Jewish history and black skin, you will find mountains of evidence that supports the claim. The key data is genetics. It is confirmed that Jews share their heritage with black Africans. Even their own holy book references it: Are ye not as children of the Ethiopians unto me, O children of Israel?” (Amos 9:7)

So when it the last time you saw or heard of a black Jew? When is the last time a black Jew was elected to any political office in Israel? What you will find is that Israel has run a racist campaign to lower black Jews to servant hood that would make the Nazi’s blush. So Obama is the black hero for Israel, but just by the skin color, Romney has the advantage of the Jewish voter.

Add to that, the fact that Romney does have an “end times” belief where Israel is the center of the Universe. This is seen as a perfect quality of an American President by Israel. As long as the American President tells the American People that the end times are near and that we will be called to fight to protect Israel, then the leaders of Israel can be confident in our support. While Barrack Obama does support Jewish rights, he does stop short of placing them above the needs of America. Both of the Bush Presidents were very open about their cult beliefs. Once Romney makes the same statement about the end times in his upcoming tour of white skinned nations, Israel will forget about Obama quicker than you can whistle Dixie.

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