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Romney Approves New War For Profit

Mitt Romney, in his visit to Israel, gave an “olive bomb” to the leaders of the Jewish Nation. He gave a blanket approval and full support “If he becomes President”, for Israel to “attack Iran”.

Romney would back Israeli strike against Iran, senior adviser says

In a throwback to his “profit at all costs” mentality at Bain Capital. Mitt Romney has already committed America to another ground war in the Middle East if he is elected. In his mind it makes perfect sense. His promise will give his election campaign a boost in revenue, and if he is elected, another ground war will improve the American economy. He sees this as a “win win”.

That is the Problem with Mitt Romney. When war becomes a “win win”. When sending Americans into harm’s way is a “win win”. When the promise of a new “war for profit” becomes the campaign slogan of the Republican Party, then you know that there is a truly brutal capitalist running for office. Need proof? Simple. Romney stated that Jewish business practices are just like his business practices and that’s why they are richer than Palestinians.

Let me give a little glimpse of the first year of a Mitt Romney Presidency.

1) Israel attacks Iran in an air war with American air and naval support.
2) Israel captures the oil producing areas of Iran in an effort to “cut the financial ability of Iran to produce a nuclear weapon”.
3) Romney Enterprises (friends and family) join the Bush Enterprise (friends and family) as the new oil barons in Iran. They start pumping the Iranian oil into their own private tankers in the same was we have been pumping Iraqi oil into Bush friend’s tankers for the last half decade.
4) Romney breaks all public health care and offers “vouchers to private clinics” that rival the filth and incompetency of clinics in other third world countries.

Mitt Romney 2012 War For Profit

We thought that 2000 brought the maximum level of crazy from the Republican Party. Welcome to 2012….the new record high level of Republican Insanity.

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