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Denver Post: Not a source for international news, or olympic news

The Denver Post may be a very good local news source for the city of Denver Colorado. I say this because they must obviously be spending all their resources on local news stories and has no budget for reporting on international stories like the 2012 Olympic games. The source for this assessment is the July 31st 2012 story By Mark Kiszla. His article , “Olympics: U.S., China medal race turning ugly in a hurry“, showed a complete lack of experience in Olympic matters and more gaffes than Mitt Romney on his recent tour of Europe and Israel.

His opening statement rivals TMZ in its irresponsible attempt to grab readers. Unfortunately it worked because Google picked it up as a news article on the Olympics.

The gloves are off and any pretense of civility is gone from the Olympic rivalry between the United States and China. The race to win the medal count got ugly fast.

Could you be any more tactless. I don’t think there is one athlete, one coach, or even one politician in either nation that would use these terms to describe the medal race.

Why did he open with such a ridiculous and irresponsible statement? Simple….he was building a story around a statement in an interview with a 73 year old retiree. This whole story stinks of sensationalism and abuse of sources. It is the kind of news story that becomes viral in the worst possible way. Not True. Not ethical. Not intelligent.

Let me tell you more about the source.

Mr. Wei, is 73 years old. He was the OCA chairman for 24 years. He is long since retired from that role. In fact he had an interim position as President of FIVB (Federation Internationale de Volleyball) until this year. This guy was a Teenager at the time of the Cultural Revolution in China. There is no similarity between china of 1950 and 2012. This is Mr. Wei.

Of course Mr. Wei is going to say there is a “cultural war” between China and the US. That is what he was taught in 1950, when he learned about the opium war between the US and China, and that is what he believes today. But one thing is certain……he is one of only a few men still alive that believe it. You can see his aged and narrow point of view by his statement :

“In the culture war between China and the U.S., in the culture part, China is very weak. USA always is leading. In culture, you have theater, music; China cannot win. The only way China can compete with the USA is sports.”

The Denver Post used this casual conversation between one of their moronic reporters and Mr. Wei to try to start a war of words between countries. Lucky for all of us this will not happen. First of all, the most common statement by Chinese today is that the US has “no culture”. that we are a child country of a little more than 200 years compared to their 6000 years of culture. The thought that a modern Chinese citizen who is living in the economic boom of China would say that “America has more culture than China”, is simply impossible. And about movies and music…..give me a break. Every major news outlet (except for the Denver Post) is reporting the exact opposite.

CNN : Lights, camera, action: Hollywood goes to China

Smithsonian Magazine : Hollywood Goes to China

Wall Street Journal : China Set to Overtake Japan as World’s No. 2 Movie Market

So to report that “china cannot compete in movies and music” can only be described as bad or moronic reporting.

Kiszla closes his article with one of the most prejudiced and unsportsmanlike statements of this Olympics.

Sports cease to become friendly competition when gymastics or basketball becomes a test of a nation’s self-worth. China is a nation so intent on proving itself on the world stage that if it requires stepping on toes to reach the finish line, so be it.

BTW: Its gymnastics, NOT gymastics moron!
I think the entire editorial staff of the Denver Post has been laid off.

In truth China is competing with all the resources and discipline as other countries, LIKE OURS, within the rules of the Olympic Games. They AREN’T stepping on toes at the finish line. The only person stepping on toes is Mr. Kiszla, and the toes he is stepping on are the toes of the reputation of the American Public.

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