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America : A+ in Science, F- in Humanity

August 6th, 2012. A great day in scientific accomplishment for the United States. With the successful landing of the Mars Rover “Curiosity”, America has perfected a new space exploration method that allows for larger payloads of equipment to be deployed on distant planets.

August 6th, 1945. A horrible day for the world and for American history. We obliterated 140,000 people with a single bomb. The largest single killing event in a single day of human history.

August 6th , 2012 America stills stands behind segregationist countries, and promotes corporate wealth without any regard for the human condition.

How can one country be so good at science and be so bad at humanitarianism? I am so proud of our scientists and so disgusted with our greed in business and government. Every time I am at my wits end about our leaders, I get a shot in the arm from our scientists. Thanks for curiosity! It will keep my mind of Israel, Afghanistan, Bush, and Cheney for a while.

Itia (abroad)

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