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Wade Michael Page : Part of the story missing from the news

We have all heard of the murderer Wade Michael Page, who went on a killing spree in Wisconsin’s Oak Creek Sikh temple. When the story first came out, the headlines were “Military Veteran”. Once it was established that he was a member of the special operations as a Psychological Operations Specialist, the news stopped reporting on his military career from 1992 to 1998, and instead focused on his membership in white supremacist groups and his alcoholism. To get this out of the news, the military stated that he was “NEVER DEPLOYED”, but the concern should not be about his deployment, but rather about his training.

The question remains: What effect did his military career have on his disposition towards hating specific groups of people and his concern about the survival of the white race?

The official news story states : Page, who also served as a “Psy-Ops” specialist. Psy-Ops analyze intelligence that can be used for psychological effect and can be used to influence groups of people, especially in foreign lands.

That sounds innocent enough, but if you try to find out what Psy-Ops people really do, you always run into their security clearance of “SECRET” which means : Applied to information or material the unauthorized disclosure of which reasonably could be expected to cause serious damage to the national security.

The ONE piece of information about this position that may be the “smoking gun” of what the military uses its Psy-Ops people for is in the job description: In order to be in Psy-Ops, you must NEVER have been a member of the U.S. Peace Corps. In other words, if you have been “brainwashed” by the Peace Corps (founded by President John F Kennedy in 1961), then you cannot serve in the Army Psy-Ops.

Only one thing comes to mind in that job requirement…..the need for the applicant to be able to hate all races, religions, and creeds. It is my sincere concern that this “Domestic Terrorist” was home grown by our own military. Is Psy-Ops a training school for hatred of “non Americans”?

For everyone reading this who has a brain…The bottom line is that National Secrets have nothing to do with National Security. In fact National Secrets are COUNTERPRODUCTIVE to National Security. An open society is a safe society. Wade Michael Page is a trained specialist in our Armed Forces. He is also a mass murderer of American civilians. Any questions???

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