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USA and UK increase abuse of sovereign nation’s rights

Remember the days when spy’s, dissidents, and all kinds of refugees made their way to US embassies? Do you remember how we stood out as a “beacon of freedom”, that when the person in trouble, in an unjust country, made it to our embassy, they knew they were safe?

Our country has changed so much that now, instead of being a beacon of freedom, we are attacking the countries who are offering asylum.

It is unbelievable to me that in such a short time, our country has turned from one that stood up for freedom. We demanded our sovereign right to grant asylum from every country where we had an embassy. NOW we are the country that is attacking that sovereignty in other countries.

Whether you agree with him, or not……like him or hate him, Julian Assange is showing America’s true colors to the world on a day to day basis. From his 2010 publication of secret American Embassy documents showing that we were indeed a terribly prejudice and money mongering country, to his latest exposure of USA hypocrisy and our slide from defending freedom to attacking it.

Julian Assange has been granted Asylum by Ecuador. End of story. Yes we want to try him, but this is a sovereign country, with democratic government and free society. They have decided that we are being a bully and going for revenge against a man who published our embarrassing dirty laundry.

I am not a big fan of Assange (the man), but I am very happy that even just a few of the lies and deceptions of our leaders have been made public knowledge. Government secrets ARE COUNTER PRODUCTIVE to National Security. A government without secrets has the love of its people….and there is no greater power than love for a country.

As a nation we can solve this problem. The first step is to stop fighting against freedom globally. Freedom DOES NOT mean you agree with someone. Freedom gives people rights. First we can restore the rights of sovereign nations, then maybe we can begin restoring the rights of our own citizens.

Ecuador gave Assange asylum, and we as a country need to honor that. Communist USSR honored it when we gave people asylum…..why are we less of a freedom loving country now than communist USSR was in the 1980’s?????

The UK is continuing to be the puppet of the powers in Washington by not letting Assange be taken to Ecuador.
So soon after a brilliant Olympics, the UK slips back into the servant role of doing whatever Washington says to do. It started with Tony Blair kissing George W. Bush’s ass, and it continues today. The UK is even going as far as using a little-known law to revoke the Ecuadorean embassy’s status so that Assange could be taken into custody and extradited to Sweden. BTW: Extradition to Sweden is just a stepping stone for extradition to the USA.

The USA was one the leader of the free world. Now we are the leaders in bullying the free world. It must stop. We must turn back to our core beliefs of freedom being our religion instead of hatred and war.

Itia (Abroad)

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