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All Time Low For Obama Administration : Attack on Freedom

Obama has had a rough go in his presidency. He has faced ruthless prejudice from religious right and conservative right groups that show the racial divide in our country. But his actions internationally are going to leave a stain on his Presidency that history will not forget.

This year alone he has blocked the United Nations attempt to establish peace in the Middle East, and now his administration is going to be held individually responsible for the downfall of the International Embassy programs. Under his administration, America NO LONGER RECOGNIZES THE SOVEREIGNTY OF NATIONS.

Earlier this year a Chinese Dissident who has long been a thorn in the side of the Chinese government escaped to the US Embassy. The Chinese government acknowledged that he was on US soil and made no attempt to enter the embassy to arrest him. While in the Embassy, the US Government and China Government negotiated terms under which he would be allowed to leave China and go to the United States.

The Dissident’s name is Chen Guangcheng

Recently Julian Assange avoided prosecution by US law officials by escaping to the Ecuador Embassy in the UK. Unlike China, the Obama Administration does not recognize the sovereignty of the Ecuador Embassy and is threatening to raid it to arrest Mr. Assange.

In an AWEFUL historical first, the US State depart states: “The United States is not a party to the 1954 OAS Convention on Diplomatic Asylum and does not recognise the concept of diplomatic asylum as a matter of international law.”

Julian Assange, the infamous Wikileaks founder has previously showed that the public statements of the US government is extremely different from its actions abroad. Now he is showing the world through his attempt to reach Ecuador, that the US Government demands other countries recognize our sovereign nation’s Embassy’s…..but does NOT recognize the sovereign Embassy of any other country.

Yes, we want to bring Assange to US Justice. Unfortunately, now it is out of our hands. We MUST MUST MUST recognize the right of Ecuador to offer asylum to anyone who is on their soil, or in their embassies?

President Obama…..Is this the legacy you have chosen for yourself? To be remembered as the president who officially declared war against the freedom of every country on the planet? To be remembered as the president who ended the Embassy program internationally?


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