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What does G.O.P stand for?

The GOP is the Republican party “parent corporation”. Think of it as and Umbrella Corporation. GOP stands for business and freedom of capitalism. It is no secret that they hold the value of the corporation over the value of the individual. The GOP has pushed the United States Government and Legal System over the edge , giving more freedoms and power to corporations than the individual citizen of the United States.

If you want to see the fat cats at work, visit their webpage. www.gop.com It is self evident that these are uber wealthy individuals investing in the future security of their wealth and power. They don’t hide it. This is not the millionaire’s club….this is the billionaire’s club.

Here are the cornerstones of the GOP

1) Push for lower IQ levels of the general public. (accomplished)
2) Push for lower tax rates and more loopholes in taxes for the rich. (accomplished)
3) Push to end any and all social services. (In Process)
4) Push to end democracy in America (Accomplished)

This is their symbol…

It fits their profile. They have long memories and are slow and steadfast in their goals. Over the past 5 decades we have seen them slowly tear at the fabric of our nation. Changing the ethics and society improvement goals of the “Greatest Generation” and to the horrors of modern American society with the worst generation “Baby Boomers”. The GOP doesn’t care if the Democrats win small victories. Their only concern is the steadfast progress towards a capitalistic Corporatocracy.

It is common knowledge that in 2012, Corporations rule the American Government. This was the greatest success of the GOP. Whenever someone tries to end the slavery to corporations, the GOP has an endless supply of cash to market lies until the public believes them. Their primary news outlet is Fox News.

As for the actual acronym….it is better if you just remember one of these phrases that fulfills the ideals and ethics of the GOP.

Group Of Pigs
Grab Others Property
Greed Over People
Grumpy Organization of People
Gratify Own Pocketbooks

By 2050, the GOP party will no longer exist….but it will be remembered. Its infamous achievements will include:

1) Instigating WW III
2) Holding power until the environment was beyond help
3) Denying global weather change until the great disasters of 2015
4) Denying evolution and stem cell research until after the mutation of the Ebola and TB viruses.

Nothing can change the path of America. We are on an unavoidable collision course with the future. We will be cursed as the country who had the chance to rescue the planet, but instead pushed it over the cliff. Unfortunately all the good that the Greatest Generation achieved has been spent by the Baby Boomers. The future will remember only the bad things about America.

America = GOP = Capitalism = Greed = War.

Gone are the ideals of democracy. Gone are the ideals of individual freedom. Gone is the dream. The GOP has killed it.

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