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Mitt Romney , Todd Akin, and Republican Cannibalism

The Republican party turns on its own. Republican Cannibalism is in full force.

Mitt Romney was once known as a “flip flopping candidate”. Now he will be known as the candidate that eats his own.

In the dark ages before reason and logic, power hungry kings would tell their generals to fall on their swords as a show of the “god like” power of the king. Those days are back. The Republican Party has shown its true colors.

In the news today, Mitt Romney asked Todd Akin to bow out of his political race for office because of ONE inflammatory statement. This reveals three very important trends in the Republican Party (GOP)

1) Mitt Romney has extreme Narcissism. Mitt Romney will not stand by any member of the Republican Party out of fear. In Mitt’s mind there is Mitt Romney, and then there is the rest of the cannon fodder.

2) One strike your out: It no longer even takes a photograph or being caught in a compromising position. ONE SINGLE QUOTE CAN END YOUR REPUBLICAN CAREER!

3) The GOP has NO community. In their form of corporatocracy, it is every man for themselves. (I would have said every woman for themselves, but it is obvious that GOP dominate their women)

So how does this compare tot he Democratic party? No comparison. Just one look at the Republican Backed Fox News quotes from Joe Biden and you know that if Joe Biden was a Republican he would have already been thrown under the bus.

The Top 5 Racist Biden Gaffes Published by Fox Nation.

Todd Akin has publicly apologized for his statement and admitted doing wrong. Republican forgiveness? Republican teamwork? Forget about it. Mitt Romney urges U.S. Rep. Todd Akin to quit his Senate race Forget about if you LIKE Todd Akin or not. Spend just one moment wondering why the call it the Republican PARTY, when they LYNCH their own.

The Republican Party started With Abraham Lincoln. With the way Mitt Romney is handling this situation, the Modern Republican Party looks more like it was started by John Wilkes Booth.

Lastly…..Remember, Akin’s voting record on abortion rights mirrors Paul Ryan’s over the 12 years they have served together in the House. It includes co-sponsorship of an unsuccessful bill last year to define “forcible rape” in an attempt to restrict abortion rights. HE AND ROMNEY’S PICK FOR VICE PRESIDENT CO-SPONSORED A BILL BASED ON THE SAME STATEMENT THAT HAS AKIN IN TROUBLE!!!

So Republicans eat their own and Democrats act with civility. Which one are you voting for?

Itia Abroad

  1. silentpurr
    August 22, 2012 at 1:53 pm

    I’m with Obama!

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