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Elections 2012 : Republicans WIN!

No, they don’t win the presidential election…..BUT they do win in three categories.

1) Most Devisive Campaign:

While the Republicans are now claiming that the Obama administration is running a dirty and devisive campaign, there really is no contest. The latest news released about Republican Texas Judge Tom Head (A very dishonorable Christian Republican Judge) has stated Obama Re-Election Could Prompt Civil War REPUBLICANS WIN MOST DEVISIVE AWARD. Civil war is the most painful part of our American history. Americans killing Americans. For any Republican leader (judges are supposed to be neutral leaders), to threaten civil war if an opposing view is elected president is surmount to treason. But what do you expect from War-loving Republicans. “If you don’t agree with me I’m a gonna kill ya”.

This is the face of a seperatist, Christian, Republican , Extremist, Tom Head

2) The War Against Women:

We live in the time of the greatest number of crimes against women. Human Trafficking, slavery, forced prostitution, spousal abuse, forced to wear shrouds, female circumcision, and rape. These are all huge, cascading problems in our society. There is a war against women and there are very few people standing up in their defense. REPUBLICANS WIN IN BEING THE PARTY THAT FIGHTS AGAINST THE WOMEN IN THE WAR AGAINST WOMEN. There is no way the Democrats can top the Republican statement concerning rape:

“If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.”

If you don’t get it yet, here is the real problem with this statement. It is NOT that they are ignorant on science issues. It is NOT that they mistakenly said this statement. It is that they feel this way about women. The words “Legitimate” and “Rape” should never be in the same conversation. This whole thing stinks of Republican beliefs that women are possessions and at best “lesser human beings”

Before you think that this is an isolated statement by a rouge Republican you should know…..

The person that said this “Mr. Tom Akin” has an identical voting record on abortion and rape as Republican Vice President NOMINEE Paul Ryan. IN FACT THE CO SPONSORED A BILL TRYING TO DEFINE “FORCIBLE RAPE”. This is just another word for “legitimate rape. Here is Paul Ryan and Tom Akin together promoting their war against women.

So how does Paul Ryan address his core beliefs, once they are exposed. The same way every other Republic responds when they realize their beliefs are moronic. He says what he thinks the people want to hear even if it contradicts his life long work. Ryan said that Akin’s “statements were outrageous, over the pail. I don’t know anybody who would agree with that. Rape is rape period, end of story.” From co-sponsoring a Bill that attempts to define different types of Rape to saying “rape is rape”.

To further illustrate how the war against women is a core Republican platform, simple realize that Akin is getting huge amounts of support from the Republican Christians. The Washington Post reports : Akin’s agenda wins loyalty of Christian groups

3) Republicans Win 100% of the FEAR vote

Fear is the core of the Republican effort to win elections. In every Republican news release you will see the buzzwords of fear. Words and phrases like , “The end of our society as we know it”, terrorism in your neighborhood, socialism, communism, evil forces, bankruptcy, and liberals. All of it is meant to create fear in the voter.

It works. Republican voters are scared to death. Their churches say the end of the world is near and the Republican platform fits neatly into that intense mental anguish that everything crumbling.

The problem is that it works too well and then creates numb people. Republican voters are all suffering from fear induced hypoalgesia. They have become numb to the point of being sociopaths. If you read the clinical definitions of a sociopath, you will see that it matches the profile of a scared Republican voter.

So the election of 2012 will be remembered for a very long time. The Republican effort to find enough sick niches in our society to make a majority is at a crucial state. Their concoction of a mix of the following:

one part religious cults
one part end of the world fear
one part male domination
one part corporate greed
one part fear of socialism
one part fear of black people
and one part fraud

The mixture of the sickest parts of our society in an effort to find a majority of the crazies. I am an American faithful, non-prejudice, non-sexist, non-sociopath voter. I am voting for Obama.

Itia Abroad

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