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How to Handle Conservatives in America

In all the hatespeak that comes from Fox News, I have never once heard the voice of reason spoken softly yet passionately.

Then comes Mr. Bill Nye to speak out for the scientific community and all those with logical brains that have overcome their fairy tale superstitions. His statement is simple but profound. Bill Nye: Creationism Is Not Appropriate For Children In this soft spoken, precisely accurate video statement, Bill Nye tells the American public that it is sick and in need of help.

Thank you Mr. Nye. You are a compassionate leader of the segment of our society that thinks. Your words to those who do not think will obviously fall on deaf ears, but for the rest of us, it is good to hear such a simplified explanation in an attempt to get the grade school level thinkers to understand why creationism is such a obsolete belief system…..and how they are hurting their children and our society with their continued delusion.

His statement is that America is unique in its continued belief of the fairytale that the earth is less than 40,000 years old and that humans are less than 40,000 years old. The rest of the world has accepted that evolution is FACT. Only the religious right wing of America holds on to this myth, stronger than the church held on to its belief the world was flat in the dark ages.

Interestingly, EVEN the catholic church, The Vatican, and the Pope himself have all accepted evolution as fact. They believe that man is a special part of evolution guided by the hands of God. While I do not agree with their belief…..AT LEAST it is a conclusion made from a rational study of what we know about evolution along with their belief systems.

As for American Christians……they are still reacting with dark ages “inquisition” threats about creationism and the 40,000 year clock of the Bible.

Bill Nye knows the conservatives in America are mentally ill. As a brilliant scientist, he asks them for one simple request and then tells them their future more accurately than any prophet in the Bible.

Creationism is dying. America is the last island of this insane belief on the planet. Their belief dies with this aging generation……their children will be laughed at for their belief in creationism much the same way we laugh at those who believe in the Easter bunny.

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