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Organic Produce : Organic Meats : No BS

There are so many wars going on in our world that it is tough to even keep an interest in all of them.

Human conflicts in multiple countries
War against (Non Corporate Pharmecudical) drugs
War against the Environment
War against Women
War against Science

There is a war against the concept of Organic farming. The corporations are doing everything they can to destroy the “organic” competition, or at least dilute the word organic enough so that they can classify their genetically altered, irradiated, pesticide soaked, herbicide soaked, preservative gassed, foods as Organic.

The FDA has been pushed by corporations to include all types of toxins as “organic”. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, nearly 20 percent of organic lettuce tests positive for pesticides, particularly a pesticide made by Dow Chemical called spinosad. Organic labeling laws allow naturally occurring chemicals to be applied to crops, so spinosad — which comes from a soil bacterium — can be used in organic farming, although the EPA considers the substance slightly toxic.

Their strongest ally is Fox News. Fox News is the mouthpiece for much of the unscientific trash that is broadcast as fact in an effort to dumb-down our society.

Here is what Fox News UNDERSTANDS ABOUT HUMAN BEHAVIOR. Americans read the headlines, they do not read the subtext. Americans will read the whole article with the tone set by the headline. Now look how this headline…

Organic produce no healthier than conventionally grown produce, study says

Under it is the subtext that Americans do not read. “Amount of vitamins and minerals the same”

This whole study was done on vitamin and mineral content which is NOT the reason why you buy organic vegetables. In other words, this is a corporate sponsored news article that is actually an advertisement. This article is intended to trick you into thinking that the organic food is no better than the crap the big corporations are pushing on you.

(Next time you go to the grocery store….look closely. Every piece of fruit is the same size. All the same color. No blemishes or imperfections. This is “processed, packaged treated foods”. This is just like buying a TV dinner…they are all the same and perfectly bad for your body)

Now lets look at the content of this advertisement that is cloaked as a new article. First three paragraphs.

Jen Matlack’s husband teases her about buying organic. It’s not worth the extra money, he says, but she insists.

A new study promises to add fuel to their marital quarrel. Published Monday in the Annals of Internal Medicine, it finds that organic produce has no more vitamins and minerals than conventionally grown produce.

Mark one point for the hubby.

If you think that Jen Matlack is a real person than your an idiot. This is just a made up person. The purpose of these three paragraphs is to let housewives know that if they buy organic produce they are idiots and their husbands are right about buying corporate garbage food.

Now take a look at the AMAZING PRO-ORGANIC FOODS information in the body of the article.

Researchers found a 33% greater risk of antibiotic-resistant bacteria in non-organic pork and chicken, which they say “may be related to the routine use of antibiotics in conventional animal husbandry.”

They also found higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids in organic milk and chicken.

Smith-Spangler and her colleagues note that previous studies have shown lower levels of pesticides in the urine of children who eat organic foods compared with children who eat conventional foods.

The American Academy of Pediatrics similarly says to “minimize using foods in which chemical pesticides or herbicides were used by farmers.

So how in the world does an article that states kids are pissing high levels of pesticides, getting less of the good omega-3 fatty acids, and consuming antibiotic-resistant bacteria (which we all know is ecoli), get a title like ”
Organic produce no healthier than conventionally grown produce”?????

Simple its Seattle’s Q13 FOX News reporting.

Itia (abroad)

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