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American Media Bias: The Myth

American Media is diverse. You can choose your content according to your own bias. When people say that the media is bias, they are talking about the ancient 3 television broadcasting monopolies.


That is why articles like the one published by Cliff Kincaid, of NewsWithViews. His article on September 19, 2012, Media Bias Designed To Save Obama’s Presidency basically touts the Republican line that they are pissed off when anyone hears the Democratic point of view.

In this article he makes statements that are horribly wrong. I am qualified to make this judgement because I am not a Christian and I am not a Muslim. Here are just some of Cliff Kincaid’s statements that shows his one sided view of our international policy (Remember, all of these statements are horribly wrong.)

In effect, our own federal government, supposedly committed to protecting our constitution, has sided with Sharia, or Islamic law, which prohibits insulting the prophet.

the “Arab Spring” promoted by Obama has been a complete failure for U.S. interests.

Despite the media bias, it should be clear to anyone paying even casual attention that Obama has lost Egypt and is now in danger of losing Libya to the Islamists.

Cliff Kincaid is a scared Christian with prophecy driven agenda to defeat Islam. What he and the other Christians in our country do not see is that the horrors of both religions resound every day in cultures around the world. Both Islam and Christianity are based on Prejudice, Segregation, and Violence. (Some go to heaven, some go to hell, hell is eternal torture. Once you understand the superstition, you understand the error in logic and the fear based lives.)

The inherent problem with his article and with our national foreign policy is that we believe we are the puppet masters. In this article and in all government briefs over the past 40 years you will find one common chord. We seek to control the foreign lands politically and through military strength.

If you compare and contrast the China approach to nations with different belief systems and the American approach to nations with different belief systems you will find the real truth. China is enjoying massive success with economic partnerships with nations of all types of cultures. Although they disagree with the form of government, religion, and even have the same prejudices against dark skinned people as Americans have, they are succeeding, where America is failing miserably.

The difference? The Chinese Government is seeking the success of China. They are not seeking to dominate the nation culturally……only economically. Their citizens are enjoying the fruits of the opportunities in these foreign lands, where our citizens are dying, our businesses are losing the economic opportunities, and our global image is plummeting to rock bottom.

Unfortunately, we cannot change our approach. We are a church state that is pushing towards the fulfillment of a prophecy of an ancient superstition. We believe in an upcoming world war in Israel where we are the big brother and defender. No one can introduce logic into this horrible mistake. Our only foreign policy option now is military. The economic development option is no longer viable for the USA.

If this was simply an error in judgement, it could be fixed. But we all know that it is a cult belief in the end of the world by war and the return of a “god”. Nothing can be done to change the minds of the mentally ill. The US Christians and the Muslims are in full agreement on one thing. There is a war between these religions and it will only get worse in the future because neither superstitious culture is capable of change.

Is there any hope for America? Yes! One leader needs to recall all troops from foreign lands. 100% focus on America. Rebuild our nation just as we did in the depression, but this time instead of building regular roads, build automation. Automated transportation, automated construction, automated agriculture. Re-invent our nation. Only with the rebirth of the global advantage as the country with “streets paved with gold” will we regain our national pride. In the end, that is what we have really lost….our national identity.

Unless that happens…….the clash of superstitions is coming soon.

Itia (Abroad)

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