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The Real NFL Referees : Another Huge American Problem

The Real NFL Referees can never come back to the NFL. The Referees don’t have a union, they are corporate raiders! I don’t care what anyone says. If someone earns $150,000 a year, then there is NO reason for a union!

Yes, the replacement referees are really struggling. They will take weeks to get to the level of a professional referee. (That’s right WEEKS, NOT YEARS.) A Referee is mainly a volunteer job. The fact that you can make a living at it is great. To think that it is a special skill that only a very few can attain is a joke.

Now lets take a look at the real situation…..

In 2001, the refs were earning between 25,000 and $70,000 a year. (Remember that is only for about 100 hours of work and more than 6 months of vacation time).

Back in 2001 they had a strike. The league responded between then and now by more than DOUBLING the pay. Now the Ref’s earn more than $150,000 a year.

The league offered them even more this year. The offer was to increase the pay to up to $189,000 a year. Just to work a 16 game season they would make almost $200,000 a year. If they were good, they got to work the playoff games and maybe even the Superbowl. Each of those games provide huge bonuses.

So why in the world are they striking? Can we even call it a strike? Since they are saying they should be treated and paid more like athlete’s, shouldn’t we call it a “holdout” or “not signing a contract”. Shouldn’t we be booing them like the athletes who holdout or refuse to sign contracts. Aren’t they the ones that betrayed the game?

Back in 2001, I was neutral about the strike of the NFL referees. I have seen alot of strikes by middle income working people and although they have good jobs and good pay, they think that they should be pushing for more. ok. I get it. But someone who works less time per year that I do in one month and earns more money that the 98% of the rest of us?

Take a look at this:

NFL Referees are in the top two percent

Only 7% of Americans earn over $100,000. The NFL Referees are some of the top paid Americans and they still strike. Who pays for it? The rest of us. The real Americans. Those of us who average under $60,000 a year with both adults working full time jobs.

Greed is a real problem in the United States. The NFL Referees show that there is no loyalty, no honor, and no responsibility left in America. Its pure greed. Do anything to get as much as you can. Screw everyone else.

Thanks Ref’s. For your strike, I am throwing the flag for unsportsmanlike conduct.

Itia (Abroad)

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