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Top 10 Reasons Why You Will Vote Incorrectly In November

Face it, you are bombarded with advertisements for the candidates that want your votes. It has become a huge business. The need for political clout has never been more important in Fortune 500 business than now. These corporate giants need your vote to push their agendas and they are putting out billions of dollars to achieve that goal.

With the dawn of the SuperPac, and the unlimited access to our lawmakers that corporations now have, we are down to the roots of Democracy to choose our paths. But unfortunately, you only have Democrats and Republicans to choose from. The disaster of our two party democratic system is that with only two parties to control (buy), corporations made the logical investment to control them for guaranteed future profits. Here are the top 10 buyers of our politicians and the main reason why it doesn’t matter who you vote for in November….you will lose.

1) American Prison Complex: We are a gulag state of institutionalized prisons who require us to imprison non-violent offenders in order to keep our prisons full and profits high. They have bought the lawmakers promise to keep the drug war funded and keep the prisons full.

2) American international war machine: We require and ongoing war in order to keep our defense companies profits healthy. They have to sell more bombs, guns, ships and aircraft every year. Their major concern is to find a worthy opponent who will destroy a large amount of our current munitions and equipment so they can keep the orders coming in. They have bought the lawmakers promise to find a way to start a war with Iran.

3) American agriculture corporate complex: The goal of the Fortune 500 agriculture giants is to control as much farmland as possible. They now have a police state in which they can arrest a farmer for saving seeds, OR for using anything but that corporations seeds. These corporations have bought the lawmakers promise to force farmers to use their insecticides and seeds.

4) The American Church State: The goal of power over the whole world was invented by those who used religion to enslave. Now our country is being pushed by the Christian religion to hate other religions, force women back into subservient roles, and block scientific advancement. They are the largest block of untaxed political influence in our country. They have bought the lawmakers promise to keep superstition strong in America.

5) Drugs and Addiction: Pharmaceutical companies have created a new kind of addiction. They design drugs so that the user must be on them for life. After the cash cow of Insulin was invented, pharmaceutical companies realized that they could get life long customers if they just designed drugs that required use for life. The idea of a “healing drug” was dumped for the idea of a “sickness and pain management drug” that required daily use for life. Pharmaceutical companies have bought the lawmakers promise to keep patent law from allowing any start-up company to create healing drugs. If any is created, the pharmaceutical company buys it and shelves it to insure profitability of their addictive drugs.

6) The Entertainment News Networks: Media moguls have realized that fear is a great product to sell to the consumer. Fear makes people keep their faces glued to the television. All major broadcast news networks and shows have given into the financial model of manufactured fear. These media giants have bought the lawmakers promise to not require any legitimacy , truthfulness, honesty, or responsibility in the news program or message.

7) The meat producers of America: This group has changed a history of ranching our food in free ranges into an industrialized, medicated, abusive, and sickening food supply for our society. By simply saying that there are too many mouth’s to feed our Fortune 500 meat producers have so sickened the meat supply of the US with chemicals and poor environments that many foreign countries will not buy our meats. These super rich have bought the lawmakers promise to never investigate or attempt to improve the meat supply systems in the US.

8) Processed food giants: We now have more foods with ingredients lists that look more like chemistry lab sets than we do simple foods. Again with the simple lie that we cannot support our society with healthy whole foods, these companies have pushed the FDA to approve chemicals in our foods that should never be in our bodies. They have bought the lawmakers promise that they will keep the scientists of our society silenced and keep the dollars flowing for the crap we are putting our mouths.

9) Alcohol and Tobacco: For all the supposed improvements we have made about smoking and drinking, these two drugs, and the financial giants who sell them still have a monopoly on our country. Of all the ways possible that humans can “get drunk”, only two remain legal in the US. Alcohol and tobacco. The death numbers are staggering, but Congress refuses to act. Many of the illegal drugs are less harmful to the body than tobacco or alcohol, but these corporations keep the monopoly intact. They have bought the lawmakers promise that we never allow any more drugs to compete with the big two.

10) Education: Education is a joke in the US. It is controlled by powerful corporations who only want to keep the status quo. They want us to keep using the same old books with inaccurate information and poor teaching methodology on each subject. They have bought the lawmakers to promise to not upgrade our educational system even though we have dropped out of the top 10 nations in the world in intelligence and knowledge.

The last successful challenge to the “republican / Democratic” 2 party system was in 1848, when Zachary Taylor won the Presidency for the Whig Party.

American Political Party History Map

The foundation for the Whig party was “internal improvements”. That is exactly what our country needs. Unfortunately, the marketing dollars have worked on you and you will push the Democrat or Republican ticket, just the way you have been trained to do.

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