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The Biggest News Story of 2012

If you think Wall Street screwed our country in the first decade of this century with the housing and mortgage loan scandal……just wait until the Wall Street Food Supply Scandal hits.

Wall Street is trading derivatives on our food supply. (the same speculative trading that trashed our housing markets)

Although you haven’t heard much of this story in the major media outlets, this is by far the most important story of our times.

Frederick Kaufman: Researcher and author on the world’s food supply notes, “The Daily Ticker that the price of global grains — the primary dietary staple for most people on the planet — have tripled since 2002 after decades of stability. Something new has come to this market and we’re seeing absolute levels of volatility that we’ve never seen before”

READ CAREFULLY AND UNDERSTAND: Wall Street is trading DERIVATIVES on our grains and basic foods. Their speculation has tripled the price of our goods! The bubble is coming. When the derivatives go bad the contracts for goods go bad. Contracts of food will not be delivered. They will default. Instead of people losing their homes this time…..they will be starving!

In a fantastic short article by Bernice Napach : Rising Food Prices: Why Wall Street Is Partially to Blame, The Daily Ticker, she talks a little about the ongoing , unregulated practices on Wall Street to leverage our food supply. She also touches on the current hunger situation on our planet.

According to the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization, which is holding a week-long meeting in Rome on world food security, 870 million people around the world—or one in eight—are starving or undernourished.

Kaufman says the U.S. should be concerned about this global situation. Higher food prices can cause civil unrest and become a national security concern for this country, which itself has 17 million households that are at risk of going hungry.

When the crash hits the food source derivatives, people are going to die. Not a few hundreds, or a few thousands, but millions of people.

Maybe then we will understand how unregulated capitalism and the greed that powers it, can only end in human suffering and death. If the timelines are similar to the housing crash, we should see the failure of the derivatives in 2013 or 2014.

Hold on…..this one is going to change our lives.

Itia (Abroad)

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