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2012 Elections: No “M” Word, No “N” Word, all “L” Words

Welcome to the United States Elections of 2012. In truth there is not much importance to this election. The corporations have sealed their advantages in all our branches of government and are now thriving off the divided culture they helped create. America is the Great Marketing Experiment. The experiment is over. The data is in. The results are devastating:

A marketing campaign in which you market fear and superstition to both conservatives and liberals, you end up with a nation divided between extreme racism and extreme paranoia. One group runs towards science and the other runs towards superstition and religion. Neither side wins, because both sides don’t fight for a goal, they simply fight each other for useless victories. One famous Clint Eastwood movie is called “A Fist Full of Dollars“. That is how we are reacting now as a culture. Put a fist full of dollars in that groups pocket and they will sell out their country.

One of the best examples of veiled racism in the conservative ranks is Donald Trump. He has used every tactic possible to not only try to defeat President Obama in the 2012 elections, but also to say he is illegally President now. The idea that some form of “long form birth certificate” makes a better president is so far from the original idea of America that it is ludicrous.

Take a close look at this election. Every campaign ad and every pundit is using the most thinly veiled language to hide the truths about these candidates.

Fox News has to edit its content and screen its callers almost every second of every day. They screen out all the “i hate that n_____” and let the “I hate Obama” play. This election has the right feeding on the prejudice extremism of our nations conservatives. Whether it is latent or overt, the conservatives hate the fact that a non-white person is in the White House and they are cooking up any scheme possible to get him out.

On the other side of the coin is the liberal media. While not as powerful as the conservative media, it is equally guilty of its thinly veiled agenda. They know Mitt Romney is a Mormon. They don’t say the “M” word, but they talk about it daily. They know Mormons are a white religion. They know Mormons are sexist in their forced subservience of women. Now that the elections are getting closer, they are pushing up the bar. The Avengers writer/director Joss Whedon’s new election ad warns of the Mitt Romney Zombie Apocalypse. In an amazing new campaign ad, Whedon calmly warns of how a Mitt Romney administration will lead to “guaranteed poverty, unemployment and overpopulation,” all “crucial elements in creating an ideal zombie wasteland.”

As funny as this video is, it portrays Mitt Romney as something more evil than he can possibly be.

So welcome to the 2012 Elections. The N word and the M word are not allowed……but the L word (Lies) is open for business.

Want to know the truth? Its simple.

Obama is for social welfare. He is for programs that support everyone.

Romney is for business. He is for programs that support the opportunity for extreme wealth.

Your choice is…….

Do I want to be burdened by the needs of everyone or do I want a world with extreme wealth and extreme poverty. I am not telling you which one is right. Some people like to play the lottery, others like to spend their money on community gardens and health clinics. Who is to say who is right? Just stop all the lies…please.

Itia (abroad)

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