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America’s greatest fear about China

In one of the greatest understatements of all time, CNN states that the China economy will surpass the US economy by 2030.

The National Intelligence Council — the same thinkers who produce National Intelligence Estimates — has released an 140-page report that offers a series of prognostications about how the world might change in coming decades

The fact is that the Intelligence Council, nor any branch or office in our government has accurate numbers on the China economy. They base everything on exports and take a wild guess at the domestic economy.

The bottom line of these statements is that Ameica is concerned. America does not know how to act as a responsible part of the global society of nations. Since dropping the atomic bomb, we have always played the role of the dominant bully. Now we are trying to plan our future around not having the “big stick” to swing around anymore.

So what is the greatest fear that the U.S. has concerning China! Simple. The American government is terrified that China will behave exactly like the US has acted over the past 50 years.

The first large test are the disputed territories of the China sea. While America claims to support the Philippines and Japan, there is really nothing that the US can do in this conflict. It is purely up to China to make this decision. They can treat Japan and the Philippines like we have treated Cuba, Panama,and other neighboring countries, where we demanded our own way and dictacted the solution, often tomes in direct conflict with the opinions of other industrialized countries…..OR….they can be benevolent and work on a compromise when they by no means are required to do so.

We will see if china will wield its power as irresponsibly as the U.S. has in the past, or if they will take the high road and compromise in a way that will promote ongoing trade.

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