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Oregon vs. Alabama : Will Never Happen : Another BSC Nightmare

It is the game that will never happen.

Oregon just destroyed Kansas State in the Fiesta Bowl. The BCS ranked Oregon #4 with only 1 loss all season IN OVERTIME against Stanford. They demolished every other team they played this season (average margin of victory was 30 points)! The BCS ranked Florida with 2 losses as #3 Florida showed its true colors and the reason why it has lost two games when it got crushed by Louisville, ranked #21 by the BCS????

The number 1 ranked team by the BCS and by AP was Notre Dame. Never before has there been such a biased number one in the nation. Who cares if they are undefeated. They played Wake Forest, Boston College, Pittsburgh, and Navy. That is like having 4 off weeks in a 12 week season. In fact in the whole season, only 1 top ten team was up against Notre Dame (when you look at the end of the season rankings).

What the computer does not consider is HOW WEAK the bulk of the Notre Dame opponents are. It is more like a hybrid football program. It does not penalize Notre Dame enough for the “gimme” games they play every season. 1/2 of the season against teams that play like division II teams and 1/2 of the season against division I teams. No wonder they play well against the few good teams they face each year. They have most of the year to rest and plan for those 3 or 4 games each year that matter.

Notre Dame has NO business being in the national championship game. They are not as good as any other team in the top 5.

The BCS has always been a mess. Now we are seeing the 2012 season with the two top teams (Oregon and Alabama) not getting a chance to play each other to determine the best team in college football. Instead we get a championship game with the weak Notre Dame going to be smashed by Alabama, and the weak Kansas State team being smashed by Oregon.

Another disappointing college season finale. Another failure by the NCAA. Another year of wasted attention on Notre Dame with the easiest schedule in college football.

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