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Steubenville Ohio : Rape City USA

A 16 year old girl is drugged, raped, and pissed on. Then she it taken to another party where they rape her and piss on her again. Then they make movies about it and post it on youtube.

So how does the town react?

“she is a liar who is trying to hurt our football program”


“the town is divided”

Really? These asshole football players have posted their own confessions online and the town is divided?

Steubenville resident Nate Hubbard, 27 “She had to make up something. Now people are trying to blow up our football program because of it.’

Michael Nodianos says in his own words on the video “She is so raped right now”, and Nate Hubbard is stupid enough to try to blame it on the girl?

Ma’lik Richmond was named as a rapist on the movie by his friends. He also is on several tweets about his actions. No doubt about what he did to that girl. So why does his dad describe his son as ‘a good child, an outstanding student and a credit to Steubenville High School?

simple Steubenville is the pit of America. Rape Central. Low intelligence, high violence, high racism, high levels of sexism, and lots of superstitious religious influence.

So lets give them the credit they deserve for protecting their rapist football players.

Big Red Roll Leading Rapists

In honor of “Roll Red Roll rapist supporter Jim Parks”

The correct name for the Steubenville Big Red Football stadium

The correct name for the Steubenville Big Red Football Statdium

The face of Steubenville Football: Wishes he could grow up to be just like Ben Roethlisberger

The town refuses to help the police. The town refuses to condemn the football program. The town refuses to apologize or assist the 16-year-old rape victim. Congratulations Steubenville. You now have the national title “RAPE CITY USA” You went from being dumb to being criminal.

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