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Notre Dame, The BCS Gift To Alabama

Congratulations Alabama on a championship season. I only wish you were in a bowl system that put you up against the other best team in the nation to show your true dominance. Instead the BCS hands you the lowly Notre Dame team to play for the title.

Nothing like an unbeaten independent team to put up against a major powerhouse from the dominant SEC. This title game was a joke before it was ever played. As the other joke in the BCS played itself out (Oregon vs. Kansas State) I wrote about the complete favoritism that the BCS has towards Notre Dame and how the upcoming title game was a joke. Why is the BCS built to favor Notre Dame? Simple….money. Just look at the amount of money generated by the love of the Irish….its the kind of money that would make anyone cheat. It was estimated that over $2 billion in legal bets were placed on the game and you can more than double or triple that amount including the illegal bets.

Just look at the rampant love of this team that would cause regular people to make idiotic bets: LA Times January 06, 2013 : Bill Plaschke writes : Prediction: Notre Dame wins BCS title, and it’ll echo through ages

Why did he write such an idiotic prediction? Simple…he really believed in the ghosts of Notre Dame. “Yep, Notre Dame and Rockne won one for the Gipper that day, beating Army, 12-6. It may sound corny, it may feel forced, but almost 85 years later, it’s still kids, and it’s still football, and the stage is set for a similar upset Monday.”

Again….congratulations Alabama on your national championship. Too bad you couldn’t really play the best team. Good luck again next year. You will probably face another team with a mediocre schedule who is undefeated. Maybe even a division II team with a great fan base.

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