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2013 Hurricane Forecast : Forget About “Named Storms”

Welcome to the year of global warming FORCED awareness.

The 2012 USA statistics are in for our country’s average temperature. The record is crushed. We have jumped a full 1 degrees Fahrenheit.

Even the mainstream media cannot avoid reporting on the 2012 season as “just the start of things to come”.

My favorite part about all this is that we, the generation who refused to consider the future generations are now going to experience the very weather we thought would not happen for another 50 years.

America in 2013 is going to experience weather that will set new standards for devastation. Yes we will have named storms…maybe not 30 of them, but what will be different will be the intensity. You can count on AT LEAST one superstorm like Sandy next year. You can count on Nebraska and the upper Midwest looking more like deserts this next year.

2013 will be a landmark year in that it will be the first time in recent history that the trees and plants of our world give off carbon dioxide instead of absorbing it. It will also be a landmark year in Greenland where the ice sheet will release an unimaginable amount of water.

So forget about the hurricane center’s “named storms” program. We may well have storms that make us forget about Sandy and Katrina. These are EPIC storms whose names are RETIRED from the hurricane naming program. So which one of the storm names this year will become epic???

Andrea (unused)
Barry (unused)
Chantal (unused)
Dorian (unused)
Erin (unused)
Fernand (unused)
Gabrielle (unused)
Humberto (unused)
Ingrid (unused)
Jerry (unused)
Karen (unused)
Lorenzo (unused)
Melissa (unused)
Nestor (unused)
Olga (unused)
Pablo (unused)
Rebekah (unused)
Sebastien (unused)
Tanya (unused)
Van (unused)
Wendy (unused)

Which one will be a category 6? I know the current Saffir–Simpson hurricane scale only goes to 5, but it is based only wind speeds. What scientists are now looking at is previously unimaginable storm surges and also the length of time a storm sits over one geographical area. A new scale has to be created based on damage done to the area. The combination of wind, surge and flooding. They simply must at some point increase the scale to include the superstorms that were once in a century, that are now annual events.

We won’t even be the first country that has re-written its extreme weather scales. In Australia, the Bureau of Meteorology has been forced to introduce new colors to some of its charts because of recent extreme heat in Central Australia. Shades of deep purple and magenta have been added to the forecast map for temperatures up to 54 degrees Celsius.

Why predict all this? Simple we have reached the +1 degrees F increase. In 2013 we get to experience the result of that temperature increase. We thought it would take decades and it only took a few years. The pace of global warming is increasing faster than anyone predicted.

The increases of single degrees of temperature mean huge changes:

Why Single-Degree Climate Changes Matter

Data show that an increase of one degree Celsius makes the Earth warmer now than it has been for at least a thousand years.

A degree by degree explanation of what will happen when the earth warms

So the last question remains…..if we are experiencing superstorms, creation of new deserts, and sea level rises now that we thought would not occur until 50 years from now, then what will happen 50 years from now….

Just for fun…google : global warming and volcanoes

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