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Gun Control : Open Letter To The NRA

The NRA nor our Congress has any room to speak about gun violence. Both bodies are slow to react, and only care about the actual issue when it hits a nerve in the public consciousness. The NRA needs to find a way to both support the 2nd amendment and also keep Americans safe. The problem is that the NRA is not motivated to do so.

The NRA (National Rifle Association) is not a bunch of idiots looking for a gun fight. It is a very wealthy organization that milks its members for money , much the same way a church milks its members for money. The gun debate is the best thing to happen to the NRA since Charlton Heston’s famous quote “from my cold dead hands” speech.

You have to remember that our great country is a capitalism mecca. We are all about cash flow. The NRA received 250,000 new memberships in the past month due to the gun debate. Even if they are all the lowest possible memberships ($35 is the lowest price possible to join), the NRA has profited almost $9 million dollars from this debate.

Their current membership stands at 4.25 million people. With an annual budget of over 300 million dollars, it is a cash cow. Controversy? Attack on the 2nd Amendment? PLEASE…..the NRA is not afraid of this, they are banking on it. It is part of their marketing plan to create “danger” and “fear” in their membership.

It doesn’t matter to the NRA that the majority of Americans approve of gun regulations. It doesn’t matter that over 10 per 100,000 people died from gunshots in 2012. All that matters is the cash flow.

So I have a suggestion for the NRA. There is common ground that can be both beneficial to the NRA (They can be seen as the protectors of the 2nd amendment), while still being responsible citizens of our society, AND keeping up their membership cash flow. The NRA needs to focus on the home and property of the gun owners. They should focus on pushing Congress to allow any weapon deemed necessary for home and property protection to be in the home, but at the same time limit the ability to transport those weapons outside of the home and/or property.

There are some good precedents about this in the legal system. Here is how the NRA should support “guns for home and property protection” initiatives.

1) If your gun is used outside of your property to kill someone, you are legally liable. This should be further enforced.

2) If you are caught with your gun off of your property, without a license, then you should be facing jail time. (licenses would include hunting, and gun shows)

3) Get rid of the “concealed weapon in public” concept, and the “gun in the car” concept.

4) Any gun used in a criminal act, or on the person in a criminal act is an automatic 10 years in prison ( no parole).

American can get behind the idea of home and property defense as long as the guns do not go mobile and into public places.

Not that the NRA will listen to this logic, but it is the natural solution to the problem of guns in our culture now and the need to increase our safety.

Itia (Abroad)

  1. Ashton
    January 17, 2013 at 10:40 am

    The NSSF advocates for safety; both in terms of storage and use. They do not have the same panache as the NRA, but they are making a difference on the ground. i.e. many manufacturers are now providing locks with purchase of a firearm.

    I live in Canada and I can tell you that having a license and permission slips (Authorization To Transport) does not make anyone safe. It only provides a means for the State to create paper criminals out of normal people. Do people face jail time or a fine when they forget their drivers’ license in the US? Cars have killed frequently on US streets.

    The concept of Mandatory Minimums has also widely been studied and is now in force in Canada.

  2. Gene
    February 6, 2013 at 12:57 pm

    To whom it may concern,
    By the most part I have to agree with your comments on the NRA. I do however have to give my opinion on gun regulations is totally wrong. We have enough regulations in place now that are not enforced. We do not need more or new gun regulations.
    Second, I do have a big problem with the NRA, NAGR and the like that are backing these new proposed background checks. There are already background checks being made and the additional checks are purely an infringement of your right to privacy and a prelim to gun registration of all firearms. This in turn can be used, much as the NAZIS did before WWII to disarm its citizens. This is very unconstitutional and can not be allowed.
    We as a nation founded on our constitution are being duped by both sides and have to change this. Yes, the NRA used to be a great group to stand behind. That was then, this is now. The NRA, like the government have found that money is the main objective. They all need their purse strings severed!

    • February 8, 2013 at 1:51 am

      Well written. Good argument. I disagree, but I appreciate the intelligent point of view.

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