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New York Times : Hack Reporter Edward Wong : No wonder they are censored

If you thought it was a unusually harsh move by the Chinese Government to block access to the New York Times, then all you have to do to understand their point of view is to look at the hack reporting by writers like Eward Wong.

Mr. Wong wrote and obviously bias commentary titled ” In China, Widening Discontent Among the Communist Party Faithful

The New York Times published it as : News Analysis

What a load of crap. Analysis???? There is no analysis in this article about discontent with the party leadership. All of the statements on this article are about the dawn of environmental awareness and education in the Chinese society. It has nothing to do with the leadership in the form of “discontent”, but rather with the demand for changes in reporting on pollution and improving the environment.

China has 1.3 billion people. They have environmental problems that are beyond the scope of anything we have seen here in the US, but even though we only have 1/3 of their population, we rank 2nd, right behind them in pollution.

The Chinese are doing more to solve the problem than any other country on the planet. Their subway systems, high speed rail systems, electric taxis and buses, are all movements in the right direction. They are investing exponentially more money than the USA in environmentally conscious infrastructure improvements.

The idea that this pollution issue is at the heart of any revolt in China is ludicrous. The only thing that Chinese are upset about concerning their government is corruption. This is the focus of the past two governments (10 year appointments), and it will continue to be the focus as the amount of cash flowing through the country is unprecedented in human history.

The bottom line about the state of any nation is the amount of growth it is experiencing, how that growth is being shared with the majority of society, and how long the country has been able to sustain it. If a society is experiencing a depression, then its residents become audibly confrontational with the government. If a society is lacking food, shelter or general health, then it becomes revolutionary. But as long as growth and distribution of wealth is happening, then the society will never be able to organize against the government.

When you look at GDP growth, distribution of wealth, and length of financial prosperity, China has an AMAZING track record.

First look at the GDP since 1952.

Now Compare that to the US.

Just from these two graphs, you can understand why the Chinese society is very patriotic and supportive of their country and why the US is seeing the great success of Fox News and other organizations promoting social unrest. The Chinese society is riding a wave of prosperity and the US society is locked in fear and loathing.

Next, you will hear reporters like Edward Wong tell you that the Chinese are rioting about the lack of distribution of wealth to the people. Again, this is an utter lie. Look at the facts.

Look at the distribution of the GDP in China vs. the GDP in the USA. China is putting 12 times more of its GDP into the hands of the workers than the USA.

No wonder our society is angry with our corporations in the US who are hoarding all the money.

No wonder why we are all angry with our US representation in government.

No wonder The New York Times has people like Edward Wong writing lies to try to make the US look better.

No wonder the Chinese have a standard response to the US in all international negotiations currently, “Why don’t you fix your own problems instead of inventing problems for China”.

AND FINALLY, No wonder why the Chinese Government blocked The New York Times (and all its lies) from the Chinese people.

I am not saying I agree with censorship or limiting free speech, but I can definitely understand the frustration of

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