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Open Letter To The Taliban About Prince Harry

Prince Harry has just finished his tour of Afghanistan. He performed as a gunner on an Apache helicopter. Obviously since he is a member of the royal family, the press wants to get as much of the story of his deployment as possible. They published two basic stories about his deployment.

1) Prince Harry on Afghan mission: ‘Take a life to save a life’


2) Prince Harry: PlayStation games helped me become a better helicopter pilot

It is the second story that is causing all the buzz. Prince Harry has admitted that flying and shooting in battle, when in an Apache helicopter, is much like playing a video game.

The Taliban respond with these statements:

Taliban retaliate after Prince Harry compares fighting to a video game Afghan militants scornful of Queen’s grandson, saying helicopter co-pilot ‘doesn’t have the brain to know there is a war here’


The Taliban Says Prince Harry Is a Crazy ‘Coward’

Dear Mr. Taliban,

There are some things that you cannot understand because of your ignorance of the modern world. Firstly, Play Station is a form of entertainment that is available to everyone who is not acting like a savage and living in caves. Secondly, the Apache helicopter is made to operate much the same way as a video game.

Prince Harry is flying a helicopter in which the attack graphics look just like a video game.

The targeting and weapons are so advanced that they fire by computer, not like the hand held WWII rifles you fire.

Even the helmet Harry wears is fitted with advanced digital interfaces that make it easy to kill Taliban fighters.

So the bottom line is that Harry came to Afghanistan and faced your pitiful fighters with some of the most advanced machinery on the planet and you lost……every time.

So don’t call him a coward. He is living in the modern world and fighting with modern weaponry. You, just like your society paradigm are fighting with antiquated weaponry and old , false ideas.

And don’t call Harry Crazy.

The Taliban own the patent on crazy and coward when you invented the suicide bomber. You pay a few dollars to a poverty stricken family and have their son or daughter blow themselves up in a public place. That is the definition of cowardice. That is the definition of clinically insane “crazy”.


Itia (Abroad)

  1. John
    May 10, 2014 at 4:06 am

    Funny, you say the Taliban lost the fight,

    Firstly fighting with old technology against the most advanced armies does not make you a coward- Just quite brave!

    A. Fighting basic technology from the air with precision killing machines is cowardice.
    B. The Taliban do not pay people to die for them. Suicide bombers know they will receive their payment from God.
    C. If the Taliban were cowards they would not risk their lives repeatedly entering heavily fortified camps like Camp Bastion.

    D. If Harry is so brave why did he quickly flee, when the Taliban attacked the camp he was in

    E. The bravery of the Taliban-No matter what you think of them-Ask any US or British soldier who has ‘balls’ and many will admit to you it is the Taliban.

    Finally, if the Taliban ‘lost every time’ then why is it that 4-5 Taliban could engage an army with several hundred fighters, air power and the most advanced equipment on earth for 6 hours!?!
    If Prince Harry is so brave, tell him to come and fight Russia and Iran with our strong military forces and our air power-then we will see who is brave!

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