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Sarah Palin, Going, Going, GONE

Its tough to imagine how you can drop lower than the slimy bottom of the barrel, otherwise known as Fox News, but Sarah Palin has achieved it.

Sarah Palin, Fox News part ways

Part ways is just a nice way of saying that Fox news no longer wants to whore her out as a right wing, religious extremist. She was fired. Fired from a job as a “contributor” to the network because she both has nothing more to contribute, and because her fan base has completely left her side. What most people who take up the American superstitious masses as their base, do not understand is exactly how fickle they can be. The forget that the superstition that drives them to accept crazy crackpots like Sarah Palin, is the same superstition that will have them turn on you if you do not win. After all, if you are “ordained” by their god, then obviously you cannot lose.

But what happens when there are no winners that the superstitious masses can hold up as their heroes? Simple. The all cry in chorus, “Its the end of times”…”Obama is the antichrist”….or my personal favorite, “The gays have cursed our country”.

Of course, nothing could be further from the truth, so as our country rebounds from the greed of the bankers in 2008 and the 10 years of war from George W. Bush, (both given too much power by the superstitious masses), they are left with left with very little to hold up as a hero. But the MUST have a hero. Their ideology does not allow them for any period of time to not worship a false idea. Who exactly are they turning to now? Who has replaced Sarah Palin as the insane figurehead of our mindless superstitious minority in America?

Enter Carl Rove.

No one is more at home in the slime of Fox News than Carl Rove. We all remember his election night meltdown. We will also never forget his history with George W. Bush and the crimes he committed while in the White House. What does he think about his crimes???

Karl Rove was on Fox News last night discussing the recent incident where Code Pink co-founder Jodie Evans tried to make a citizen’s arrest against him because of his crimes during the Bush administration at a California book signing event, but instead of addressing or apologizing for his crimes, Rove told Fox News that he just wishes people would forget about them.

So goodby Sarah Palin…Fox has found a more divisive and insane “contributor” to hang their hat on. Your candle light is burning ever dimmer and soon your name will not even be mentioned in the circles of superstitious people who once trumpeted your cries for a church state. How quickly they have forgotten you. How quickly you have been replaced.

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