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GOP : How RNC President Reince Priebus Could Be So Wrong?

The GOP continues to supply humor to our country’s political landscape. Not only are they now restricted to holding conventions in only a few choice cities, (Most cities would respond to a GOP meeting with a general strike in opposition of the blind arrogance and hate speak of the GOP party), but they are also embarrassingly naive on how to “fix their problems with voters”.

Lets run down the humor of the most current GOP meeting.

Meet Reince Priebus. The Republican National Committee re-elected Reince Priebus to a second term as the organization’s chairman on Friday. He will serve for two more years. This is presumably because they could not find anyone else who could convincingly smile and hold two thumbs up, while everyone else who looks on thinks about where he was sticking those thumbs during the last election.

In the 2012 Presidential Election where the two parties collectively spent 6 billion, and Reince Priebus was the head of the RNC during that lopsided defeat. Now they re-elect him for another 2 years? Really?

Lets compare that to the NFL season of 2012. If every team spent every penny of their “salary cap” then the total salary of all players combined would be about 3.8 billion. Those did not perform well were fired. In 2012, 7 head coaches and 5 general managers were fired because of how much money was invested in their teams and the lack of performance. Yet for some reason the RNC decides to extend the leadership of the person who spent the most money on a Presidential Campaign in the history of our country…..and lost the election.

So why is Reince Priebus still the chairman of the RNC? The truth is more likely that the rats have jumped the ship and there is no one left but the goofy “two thumbs up” guy to lead this party to their final resting place.

Just a glance at Mr. Priebus’ roadmap for a GOP recovery will tell you that there is NO HOPE for the Republican Party. Here are the key misconceptions right from the Chairman’s mouth:

1) “I’m no math whiz; I’m an attorney. But I don’t need a calculator to know that we need to win more votes,” he said. “We have to find more supporters. We have to go places we haven’t been, and we have to invite new people to join us.”

Really Reince? Is that why you are holding your meeting in Charlotte, N.C? Meeting new supporters? Going places you haven’t been?

2) Party leaders insist that their conservative philosophy will not change. That’s not the problem, they say.

Really Reince? The women voters say you have alienated them. The Hispanic voters say you have insulted them. The Black voters still think you are supporting the idea of slavery, and the young voters think all your talk of Obama being an “antichrist” is insulting to their intelligence.

3) … it’s that they lag behind Democrats in technology and organizing.

Yes Reince. You lag in technology. You still think the world is 40,000 years old and that our human bio-diversity has grown to this point from a single pair of DNA providers over that period of time. I would not say you are behind in technology, I would say you are technologically broken.

4) The best line of the conference actually came from Priebus’ co-chair, Sharon Day, who was also re-elected, made the same point in a lighter way.

“I will talk to a head of lettuce if I can get them to vote Republican,” she said. “We have to reach out, as the chairman said, with our programs to make sure that we reach every single voter.”

Yes, Sharon….you would have to be a “Lettuce Head” to vote Republican.

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