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Alzheimer’s : Baby Boomer Pay-Back!

At last…..some retribution for the worst generation EVER.

Alzheimers is going to devastate 1 in 6 adults ages 75-84. Hooray for every baby boomer reaching the golden years. Your useless and destructive existence is coming to a mind numbing end. Alzheimers is a torturous disease that is hell on earth. For those of us who don’t believe in hell, this is the best possible news for the Baby Boomer Generation that brought us the worst years of the cold war, the trillions of dollars of debt, the countless foreign wars and black ops that cost us our reputation globally, and of course handing over our countries authority to corporations.

For all you did to us….THIS ONES FOR YOU.

Of all the horrible things you did to our country, at least we can have some sense of justice in the fact that your last years on earth will be filled with confusion and terror. Looks like the true terrorists of the world will finally get some of their own medicine.

Maybe its from the genetically altered foods you introduced into our food supply. Maybe its from the additives and harsh chemicals you used as preservatives in our food supply. Maybe its the fuel additives, the antibiotics in our meat, the damage to our environment, or the life sucking jobs that you created for all of us to do. It doesn’t really matter….we will find the solution and fix the problem….but we will take our time. No need to hurry. We can all watch you rot while slowly figuring out the problem. After all….when ranked against all the other problems you created that we have to fix, your Alzheimer problem is at the very bottom of the list.

Itia (Abroad)

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