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Guns and Fireworks : America has it “ass backwards”

Sitting in Shenzhen China for the Chinese New Years Celebration I was struck with the obvious truth about America and gun control. American laws are increasingly illogical. There is not one thread of logic in the reasoning of why guns are not controlled in the US, but in most states, fireworks are illegal.

I went to the market and saw the huge array of fireworks for sale in the local market.

People were spending tremendous sums of money. The fireworks here are just about the same price as in the US. People were dropping 10,000 rmb (about $1500 USD) each on fireworks that they were taking home. These fireworks are serious. Boxes the size of an office chair with 20 rounds of mortars in them that produce a display equal to the public displays we see in the US.

Then came new years. New years in China is a specific night, but the celebration lasts for weeks. On the eve of the new year, the firework displays started about 11:30. I was in a town outside of Shenzhen. The town has about 2 million people. At 30 minutes before the new year, they started going off. It was the most amazing thing to see. Imagine 100+ fireworks shows equal to anything you see in the US, going on in 360 degrees displays around you. Every color, every sound, every size, whistles, streams of light, and the huge blooms of mortars. It lasted until about one hour after midnight. A full hour an a half of the most spectacular show on earth, and it was just one of thousands of cities in China with the same display of beauty.

Yes, China has some beautiful public fireworks displays. After all, they are the masters of this art.

But what is important to remember is that this is a “freedom” that is not allowed in the US. These non-leathal commodities are sold in China to everyone. How is it possible that a country like ours (USA) can call ourselves a free country when we cannot even have the authority to make our own decisions about fireworks????

That brings us back to guns and gun control. In the US now, we are spending huge amounts of money on both sides of the gun control issue. We are buying ads trying to convince people of our point of view.

We are out marching with signs and holding rallies to push our opinion on others.

But aren’t we missing the point? The government has already regulated fireworks. Fireworks are made of the raw material that makes guns work. How can you ban fireworks and leave guns untouched? Do you really think that our forefathers thought that our laws should look this way? Do you really think that they would support fireworks bans and leave guns untouched?

Stop this insanity. Stop bitching about the problems on the surface and lets get to the core. American laws are ass backwards. American freedoms are now lower that the freedoms that Chinese people enjoy. Stop kidding yourself that we are the “most free country on the planet” or that we are “the model of freedom for the world”. What a joke.

itia (Abroad)

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