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North Korea : Threat vs. Reality

The newspapers are ablaze with the threat of North Korea to bomb Washington DC. We are calling North Korea a “rogue state”. We don’t understand why they hate Americans so much. We think they are completely crazy. The truth is that North Korea is the evidence of American mistakes in the past. Just like the way the movie Argo puts the story straight on how Iran became an Islamic extremist state because of American mistakes….we need so have the same light show on North Korea.

Here are the facts:

1) The Korean war, even in America, was seen as a defeat. The goal was to unify one Korea and have it under American control. The end of the war, we retreated and signed a cease fire. In essence we said…this is not over yet, but the fighting will stop for now. This year , July 2013 , marks the 60th anniversary of this defeat.

2) America started the war on the concept of “rolling back communism”. Just like most of our knee jerk reaction wars, we decided out of fear of a possible future event to wage war. In essence we too the first military steps to turn the cold war into a real war of communism against corporate run government.

3) China jumped to defend North Korea. They will not tolerate a US border to China then OR now.

2) In the history of the world, only one country has lacked the moral code that restricts most humans from the idea of dropping an atomic bomb on a civilian population. America is the only country to step over this line. It is the greatest scar on our history as a nation. 6–9 August 1945 are the darkest days in American history. Japan was already defeated….we just showed off our power and lack of human compassion by dropping a pair of bombs that helped make the idea of extremism acceptable to all nations.

3) The irony that the only country that dropped an atomic bomb is now spearheading the United Nations work to keep other countries from having this power. This is like putting Hitler in charge of the Nuremberg Trials.

I love my country, and I do not agree with a dictatorship wherein the people of a country suffer. But that having been said, we must all understand that what we hear on the news is complete crap. It has gotten so bad that even simple information based websites are getting the facts distorted.

In the about.com web page on the Civil Liberties of North Korea. The statements are made to look like North Korea is the worst Rogue country on the planet. Lets explore their mistakes and the mistakes in most American’s minds.

Mass Famine and Global Blackmail:
During the 1990s, as many as 3.5 million North Koreans died of starvation. Sanctions are not imposed on North Korea primarily because they would block grain donations, resulting in the deaths of millions more, a possibility that does not appear to concern the Dear Leader. Malnutrition is almost universal except among the ruling class; the average North Korean 7-year-old is eight inches shorter than the average South Korean child of the same age.

It is a mistake to think that North Korea is purposefully starving its citizens. The fact is that in our global economy, if you cannot trade or borrow from the world bank, then there are times when your people will starve. Add in the fact that for the past 3 generations, the USA has blocked food from entering the country, and you will see why the people are starving. It is a commonly known fact that every North Korean hates Americans. American citizens do not dare travel to North Korea because once they are identified as Americans they will be beaten by those who lost family members as a result of the blockade put up by America. (There are some exceptions to this, such as movie stars and sports stars. But even they must be kept under the governments protection to keep the public from seeing that there is an American in their midst.)

No Rule of Law:
The North Korean government maintains ten concentration camps, with a total of between 200,000 and 250,000 prisoners contained therein. Conditions in the camps are terrible, and the annual casualty rate has been estimated as high as 25%. The North Korean government has no due process system, imprisoning, torturing, and executing prisoners at will. Public executions, in particular, are a common sight in North Korea.

Just like the idea of American Media pointing the finger about atomic weapons and the idea of mass killings from WMD’s, the idea of Rule of Law, or a logical justice system is not something that America should ever talk about. We are by far the largest prison system in the world.

NY Times: The United States has less than 5 percent of the world’s population. But it has almost a quarter of the world’s prisoners.

BBC News : About the same time that President Bush was condemning the abuse of prisoners in Iraq as un-American, a year-long inquiry began into the mistreatment of prisoners at home.

The fact is that my country has become insane with its policies, its treatment of other humans, and its war based corporate leadership. Unfortunately nothing can be done to change that as Obama has proven that both Democrat and Republican bow to the leadership of international banking. We can only vote for one of two parties and now that both parties are completely corrupted…there is no hope.

Itia (abroad)

  1. Charles Russell
    March 17, 2013 at 10:34 pm

    This correspondent doesn’t have the moral integrity to use his real name or a photo showing his facial features. In essence, he is a coward who doesn’t have much courage in his own convictions.

  2. March 18, 2013 at 2:06 am

    Charles. Are you writing from the dark ages? “moral integrity” “in essence” “coward”? Really Charles….it is time to come into the modern world. Stick to facts and to historical evidence. Fight the battle of logic….not of fear and loathing. I welcome your comments about the legitimacy of my blog article. I welcome counter intelligence.

    If I wanted fear mongering I would watch Fox News.

    If you were any kind of legitimate computer user, you would see all my personal information on my links to social media. That being said. I do not shy from interface with people of any level of intelligence….great or small. I will email your aol account so you can scream at me in private. hahahahaha

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